s.e.p.t.e.m.b.e.r COME !

looking for the moon inside my cuppa coffee
i am so longing for september. the consolation i hold dear is this heatwave is european and we're all sweating and trying to deal with stickiness of all kinds, in varying ways. good luck!

summer house feeling, that's what i mean
pulling and keeping the cotton and linen blinds closed all through the house all days feels almost luxurious, and very summer house, especially when nights don't cool off. oh. september. and rain.  p.l.e.a.s.e. 

ariane and bee gelli printing!
i don't need much more than this longing and i can smell sharpened pencils, new erasers and doodling paper...  my school memories are fond like that: new dresses, new school bag, new friends. 

fun. extra ears. and balls... 
i have decided to let go of my OPEN HOUSE intentions, because i work the daytime job on a fulltime basis at the moment and until further notice. i simply don't have time to think up stuff, let alone create. 

jan fabre in the royal palace, pardon the bad photo
so i might only partake in the local christmas fair, because of our town's 950 years celebrations, and because i've been designing that poster, right? i'm looking forward to completion. soon. 

us. four. 
last weekend the ladies were over. gelli plate printing, eating, drinking, laughing, going places and generally not doing anything we didn't want to do. we missed the clouded over blood moon. d**n. 

it's all about the balls... 
stay out of the frying sunshine, loves, i'm letting my hair down on a slice of dutch coast this weekend. i hope the short hair blows any which way, i do. have a great weekend! ♥

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  1. Ja, dear Nadine,
    it has been a beautiful weekend with you and the ladies, there behind the closed cotton and linen blinds. You, enjoying a slice of the coast of the Netherlands, this weekend, find hopefully a fresh breeze, Dear!
    Designing that poster of the celebrations of Geraardsbergen? It will be great, I am sure!
    Love to you,
    Ariane. Rose.