thirty six square metres

tiny bedroom will become my office... whooh-hooh!
i did not plan putting down the second floor laminate parquet. maybe vaguely i wished it'd get done, and i felt a little stupefied when i saw myself coming to grips with materials and making ways to start myself off.

goodbye grimey carpet rolls, hello bare floor
i didn't plan because i know, from experience, how it turns out. besides lovely, lovely! my body aches in places i didn't know i had. putting a floor down is equivalent to a gym work out, times 10.

adding the images the wrong way. never mind
when i start, i exaggerate. but frankly, putting in a floor means there's no halfway option anyway, because that's just plain uncomfortable and messy. so: two whole labour days {and i'm walking like a dinosaur}. 

earlier this week, a miscalculated half day's outing when most shops were closed.... ☻
today i am taking the day off though. i'm vintage shopping around here and we're taking it slow and easy and we'll sit down frequently and people watch, i think. my studio... ah. there's a new arrival there! 

to entertain me some, i watched this SUPER movie. mr. holmes. they look soooo sad... good film, though
my old bookcase needs a new bottom and a set of humongous wheels to turn it into a linen closet. the ladies will witness all of it pretty soon... our summer gathering is eminent and the house... will be ready too. 

i am going back to work next week (oh, eik!), but do enjoy the weekend ahead like i will. ♥

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  1. My sweet dino,
    this looks so very beautiful and masterly, Dear!
    I am looking forward to sink down on it.

    And thank you for the hint for Mr. Holmes. I'll watch it soon.

    Ariane. Rose