cutting & finishing in photoshop. the sun got away with me...
the holidays have started. i am making good use of every moment, and already wish to hold still time, for days are speeding, and nights are short. 

somewhere halfway there. scanner playing up. that too
we've been having the best summer weather for over a month now. i know, because since i bought my bicycle, i've been out and about and always in short sleeves. sheer heaven. 

ypres. a visit to in flanders fields, earlier this week
i am enjoying the down time, the planned mornings with chores, easy mode however, and the afternoons perhaps spent outdoors. or not. this afternoon i glued together the sun. 

lost soldiers name tags from WW1. a visit to a site where one looses all words, at once
as if we need more sun... ☺i for one am not very much impressed by hot temps, but keeping quiet and waiting for the cooling down moment prooves to be my best option. 

enjoy your week ahead. i keep on reading, drawing, cutting, pasting and doing nothing. ♥


  1. So far, it sounds and seems like a dreamy summer!!

  2. I enjoy my week, dear Nadine,
    with a thrill of anticipation.
    But first the World Cup, even when GER and DEN aren't play a part. BEL:JPN today! ;-)
    And it's even more better to battle on the green field as when young men lost her life for... for what?

    Your lion is huge! and sweet!

    I wish you a hat on, for your own shadow to go, Dear!