there's that also

bits and bobs and leftovers still life
i can't remember a summer holidays away from work i've enjoyed as much as this one. 

on my way to herzele, to go find the thrift shop
not doing anything in particular, hanging round, riding my bike, cooking some and working on and off, in the studio. 

still life from garden on kitchen counter
playing more like, which was absolutely what i aimed for. i needed fun, and i got me some. and much more than that i ain't doing. 

my 'bloodlines' plant and coffee break after vintage shopping
i'm stressing it, and stretching it, because i consciously took kairos.

water tower and castle on my way
and still time flies, because time is fickle after all, and one cannot grasp it. so i continue to have fun, i work in my collage lookbook, i observe things in nature to reproduce shapes in the studio.

stormy skies and little green vase. yes, new
i'm stalling on my exhibition preps, because i know it's fun to get the work done, and it'll be like listening to podcasts while i'm doing the drawings, which fills me with joy.

still life from garden on kitchen counter
and of course i go see places, i meet friends, we go vintage shopping, i watch series, i read a few books, i try out new recipes. the heat doesn't allow me to renovate, i'm not complaining. 

so, yeah. keep up with this weather, and bring us some rain. enjoy the coming week. ♥

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  1. I love tree-lined streets. Don't see it as much here in Germany as you do in Holland.