step 'almost there'

after letting go of the fact i would nowhere near find my treasured thin rods too soon, and consoling myself with the reality i was going to make do with thin wooden sticks (that break like twigs), i found light iron plant sticks at a local garden centre, and then i found some more in a crafts shop nearby. i bought their entire stock. i can make mobiles now till i die. or drop.


  1. je hebt zoveel inhoud dat ik meestal niet weet wat ik moet schrijven als ik je website bezoek:-)

    ps:deze foto vind ik heel mooi(groetjes uit Limburg, ooit kapen we een bus!)

  2. ... kâpen d'er twee, kâpen d'er zes... MM

  3. I've been making a tour on you blog and as I love crochet too. (I try from time to time knitting; but as with drawing, my brain knows what I want to do; but the hands doesn't help it!:). Anyway, I will love to see the mobiles!