drawing challenge NEW THEME : i am a { ··· fill in your zodiac sign ··· }

would it be fun? could it be? what is your sign, and how do you play it? 
does it play you? ☻
humble friends, let's face it, we are what we are, under moon and stars. 
if you feel like playing along, just give us a ... sign
this drawing challenge will be revealed on the weekend of april, 14-15th. 
by all means, send me a message, and i will add your name to the zodiac, erm, list. 

patrice, helen, renilde, julia, rosemary, victoria, tanïa, carole, lise b, leenaariane, kristen, do join ...


  1. I am a lion
    and a dragon

    yes! I will join

  2. oeh i like that photo...
    a bit short on time this week but with a theme hard to resist yes, i'll give it a try,

  3. wonderful theme! and thanks for the lovely inviting!
    i am a fish, but i'm swimming in our vacation days (in the south of germany) next week ...

    wish you a magical drawing challenge...i'm looking forward to your zodiac signs!


  4. The red color is great.

    Happy Easter to you!♥

  5. i am a.... you'll see by surprise, of course my woolfi i am in!

  6. Thanks for your invite, I am going away, but will fit it in, as long as you are happy with my photos!

  7. Yay..Hi Nadine...thanks for inviting me..Wonderful theme...yes we are alll under the moon and stars..magical!I will create something in tribute..I am cat energy..Lioness!Sounds Fun!

  8. Nadine,
    Greta and I will pass this week. We have a lot of New Orleans to take in and pack up before we depart on Friday.
    We will be home in Los Angeles next weekend. Bittersweet leaving as always.

    Will look forward to the package that awaits me!


  9. I'm in, so you'll see what I am... ;o)
    Best wishes from my Easter short trip (this is why I keep my message short, too)!

  10. Thanks for inviting me. I'll join in, if my twin will let me!

  11. Thank you for inviting a non-drawer! I am Cancer, and a chinese dog as well. I am really looking forward to this

  12. I love that photo. Looks like a wall, but it must be your floor. Orangey floors? Great! No need to work on your flooring anymore! :)

  13. beautiful pic, mamma woolf! Hope you had a happy Easter! I am a Sagittarious... and I am not able to draw...sigh.

  14. I am a Virgo who can't draw.
    Still to do your random thing Woolfy. I've been flat-out (renovating) but I will try to get a list together during the week. Sorry, but you know (only to well!) how it is x

  15. Dearest Nadeshda,
    I'm in!
    (back from short holidays... more later)

  16. Dear Nadine,

    What a beautiful photo!

    It's a great topic you've chosen, but regrettably, I can't join this time...:-(

    Success and enjoy, xx love Hagar.

  17. DOH! I've got a busy busy week but I really will try to get my post in over the weekend sounds like fun! :) Thanks for the invite