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is it just me, or is geometric pattern all the rage around the blogosphere, lately? 
{image: geometric forms of organisms : 

jewelry ofcourse, being a thankful subject to that, as in faceted crystal gemstones, but i also see potential right next here
{selections from ernst haeckel's 1904 KUNSTFORMEN DER NATUR, showing pennate and centric frustules.} 

i was wondering, what would an earth grain look like, under the microscope? 
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  1. I think it looks just like you have drawn them though I do not know :)

  2. dear Nadine,

    those images are great
    and I like the way your head works
    you surprise me most of the time
    looking at the world from such a different angle
    and your drawing
    a beautiful pattern
    loving the shapes, the dots and the colors

    thank you!

  3. hey sweetie, did you get some sleep after all, were you stargazing at the early hours or feeling very earthly drawing earth grains, anyway those images make me notice again, everything is already here it's only a matter to find a way seeing it(microscopes come in handy here)
    your points, dots

  4. (hm clicked to early)...again... your points, dots ,grains, the circular, teeming and wonderful, exactly the feeling a barefooted earth walk gave me, lovely post! x

  5. Dear Nadine, lovely patterns! I love the colors of the third picture. Charming, abstract, and earth like, thank you! x Leena

  6. I must say I love these.....are you plastering in these patterns also.......Happy Weekend to you!
    I have been meaning to ask you about the neighbors?

  7. this is fantastic...
    and the wolf, I love it!
    glad to meet you, Stefanie

  8. Oh I love your earth grain drawing! Very organic and earthy. Did you explore the grains of earth on your hands and knees with a magnifying glass? Happy weekend Nadine.

  9. I love your creative spirit and mind...this was deeply magical and so gorgeous visually..i love all of these textures, shapes and patterns..highly meditative!!

  10. Hey Miss Woolf

    how are you?

    such microscopic imagery.......LOVE IT!!!!
    little earth grains.......up close.......such intricate patterns and then your earthly pattern really divine I want it as a scarf so I can wear it!

    I like the way you look and see

    Your Muse from OZ

    PS: How is that house coming along its been an archaeological dig in itself ;)

  11. Your right... it is all the rage Woolf... artists quite naturally pick up on societal and planetary shifts... some intuitively and others in investigations. Taking account of so much that is happening in nature .... both negative changes and positive development of technologies and practices to try and make for better systems of looking after nature and advancing the human condition against all the challenges coming to meet us.

    These themes will only get stronger... I think!
    cheerio to you!

  12. yeah, ernst haeckel - greatest scientific drawer and painter - I love his work so much!
    but your earth grains are the work of an artist! beautiful, beautiful! I love the idea and the realization. xx mano

  13. Nice reproduction and creation of earthly patterns.

  14. wauw, really nice drawings, I think it is really great how you captures the microscopic side of things and I really envy you for your patience and precise.


  15. I've just discovered your blog. Lovely wolf (on the head of the blog).

  16. i love organic forms... dear woolfi, would you like to join me into the next theme UNDERWATER WORLD LIFE/LOVE
    so please come over and sign in! x julia

  17. How lovely. This reminds me that at a minute and also at a grand level every earthly thing is beautifully designed and organized and mathematical. There's so much we don't see and appreciate on a daily basis. But there is so much, how could we. It's nice to pause and appreciate and look deeper, under that microscope.

  18. I have always adored microscopic forms like this, and the fact that they are often duplicated in different sizes everywhere. (Have you seen the book 'earth'? Alot of the pics look like something taken under the microscope, but they are take from airplaines)
    You interpretation of the earth is very soothing, as it suggest some kind of order on all levels.

  19. I need to do something different...and I know I have asked you before how to join this activity...can you tell me again? Cheers Nick

    1. hi nick, oh, have you? and may i not have replied? sorry for that! and you are very welcome!

      well. it's dead easy, really. best thing is jump right in. the new drawing challenge for coming weekend is held by julia. please go visit her blog and add your name in the comments section.
      after that the ball has started rolling. you just follow up, week after week, who's challenging. you can also suggest a theme yourself. to announce this, lately we've been literally inviting eachother. i believe if you want to check whether anybody has already proposed a theme, is to go through ariane's blog and check out.
      at ariane's you will find a list of all challenges, with dates (in the right hand column towards the end). just scroll down on her blog.
      till then, and looking forward, nick! n♥

  20. Dear Nadine,

    Beautiful drawing and beautiful colors...

    Thank you for your nice, kind comment on my blog...off course I forgot to write that a scooter hit us...:-( (I add it later...)