a letter of contentment

dear heather, i know what you mean by having the feeling someone just like you is living in another country. when small, i spent sleepless nights over this question. nowadays keeping virtual world wide connections the way we do, these earlier assumptions are being confirmed. i've yet to unearth a monozygotical element (i'm not looking), but i'm sometimes freaked by duplicate features i distinguish in people living on the other side of this planet. just as amazing i find it to be nominated on your blog! i shall of course oblige and fill in five random facts about myself, before moving swiftly on to more intense labour of the day, which will include paint and plaster {and roller pins on wednesday}. what else is new? 

1. i listened to etienne vermeersch being interviewed on the telly yesterday morning. i was in mum's house, giving the crystal chandelier a good scrub (not my particular idea of spending a sunday morning, but mum is an avid spring cleaner). mum wanted to turn down the box, but i positively squealed. at the risk of tumbling down the dinner table, i couldn't for the life of me miss the philosopher's view on this world's condition. i'm a sucker for a thought, or two.

2. i love london. i think i may have lived there in another life. only, i don't believe in other lives. therefore i believe i'm a bit of a mad hatter, to fall for a city like that. london still smells like she did when i first met her, at the age of seventeen. 

3. once upon a time, i met a man from buffalo, usa, on the cross country greyhound from des moines into chicago. i think he was on his way home. we liked one another, but favoured different destinations. buffalo will always sound a little special to me, and now i see your roots lie there, heather!

4. everything alice! there's the mad hatter again... i sure would LOVE to interview lewis carroll on the subject, check out whether he was as lyrical in real life as he was on paper. that's not going to happen, so i keep to alice. i have to. 

5. i don't always go to sleep happy. turmoil is known to be mine when i turn in for the night. that could be a nightmare (like last night) or insomnia. i fear i'll slide of the stairs when i fetch a glass of water. i call it fear of anything dark, which i don't favour. therefore i could not ever love LORD OF THE RINGS, which i don't. i was in awe of the special effects though: too real!

these above facts are random indeed. i could go on, but that is not the question. this list will look totally different in the morning. now, do i find five other good souls to keep the ball rolling? will joanne, leslie, kylie, angela and mar play? over to you's. ..


  1. Having my own first time bouts with insomnia since week 28 of the pregnancy. It use to feel so wrong and now the wee hours are losing their power over me. so long as I get 8 or more hours uninterrupted I can function normally. I enjoyed this post. I use to always wonder and ponder those things as a child. Now I toss and turn to more banal and uninteresting thoughts.

  2. real and random.
    i could have read twenty.
    i'll play along... x

  3. Yay, London! A city I could also imagine to live in for a while. Unfortunately way too expensive. And I agree with Angelina, give us some more! ;o)

  4. I love it that you clean the chandelier for you mom! I usually go to sleep within 30 seconds from hitting the pillow, but when I don't then the night and my dark night thoughts are my enemies.

  5. Great random thoughts and I love the photos that go with them! A bus trip from Des Moines to Chicago... a bet you have a million more stories from that trip! (Aside from meeting my "cousin" from Buffalo.)

    1. your cousin, right? well, if he was, i could get back in touch, but nahhh...
      too long ago, really. his name was harry. ;)))

  6. i LOVE that photo of buffalo and new york!!! and i love that you included me in the game... perhaps it will inspire me? my blogging has fallen behind lately. i am facing down a monday filled with chores undone (a good weekend though, with some favorite relatives in town and some wine and laughter and believe it or not, even some food, for me!)

  7. okay, i joined in the jollifications. come read about me when you take your coffee break :)

  8. that London bus needs some lessons and an extreme makeover to achieve racy streamlined greyhound bus status. But Im imagining and its working. :)

  9. I'm up now.. finally. whew ! xx

  10. Will roll my ball and play along on the weekend Woolfy x

  11. Isn't it a marvel, Life? Memory? what seems familiar?
    I believe we are all on our own treasure hunts, graviating towards that which reminds us
    of who we are. I love a good mystery!

  12. I'll do it and enjoy it as much as I can, as soon as I find out what is it about! I'll visit Heather's for further information.
    How lovely of you to offer me to keep the ball rolling, you got me in an unestressed afternoon, so I'm going ot plan it!
    When you talk about other souls like us living in other places of the planet...well, I thought of you :)

  13. I enjoyed these facts about you very much, and I know what you mean about London. I met her at 26, and it changed my world. Love the individuality of the people. Old world and extremely modern all in one! xo