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cooks dare deconstructing a classic dish, to reinvent the essence. i think nouvelle cuisine may have seen the end to the novelty by that thought. now, one way or another i came up with a similar idea, as i was musing upon this week's challenge. tanïa made me think hard, and while she was out there, galavanting amongst old timer 2CV (was it?), i found myself witness to legs being losely thrown up in the air. that is however as far as my deconstruction for the day goes. but it was fun. more burlesque, bei tanïa


  1. Huzzah for these high-kicking legs!

  2. I would love to spend an afternoon with your fabulous sketch books.

  3. the legs!!!!!

    I love the legs!!!!
    you are so clever Ive been missing your drawings.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Im studying at the moment and have assignments but almost finished though and then there will be some time to look at all the posts Ive missed.

    will write soon

    Helen x

  4. Haha, the most amazing legs I've ever seen! Apart from ours, of course! ;o)
    You know, we do a burlesque-choreography right now which includes this well-known part of throwing legs, and eben if some of us are always confused somewhere in the dance, THIS happy-yippie-yeah-here's-our-legs-thing is always working!! Keeps us laughing, every time we reach this part of the dance, confusion before, confusion after, but legs...hey, here we are! Haha! This is why I love this artwork exceptionally! It so reminds me of that!

    And yes, I did gallivant amongst 2CV and others. Did you know what surprised me? There's always an anual motto for the car exhibition I went for. This time it was "Citroen en de vrouw"...funny coincidence, isn't it? ;o)

  5. It was fun for you, and it's fun for us, as viewers of your work, that's the magic of art, the artist can convey his / her mood to the viewer, today, tomorrow, forever, while the artwork last. you've managed to do a very good deconstruction.
    BTW: My first car was a 2CV :))))

  6. Hihi, super leggs! They are so much fun to look at, I can almost hear the music and see them moving! Love it!

  7. Oh, that's a really nice idea, I love the colors...great work !

  8. hey, these legs are the greatest! so much fun! beautiful drawing!!
    I'm coming with sue for to see your sketchbooks ;-)!!
    ha, and my first car was a 2CV too!!
    :-) mano


  9. those arms
    like fish
    and those legs
    ;^)) big smile
    only one more week!

    Patrice A.

  10. The legs as the essence, dear Nadeschda,
    thats funny!
    Love your legs up in the air... the different patterns of hold-ups. Crazy the little hole... jumping-jacklyn...
    The arms... writing that burlesque scene. Marvellous!

    xo Ariane.

  11. Fun!
    Is it just me, or am I noticing a dancing theme in your drawings lately!
    Needless to say, I love drawings that dance!
    And yours e-special-ly.

    Today in Japan is Boys Day (Childrens Day) and I mention it because it is a tradition to hang carp streamers, which are long carp-shaped kites that stream in the wind, and your shapes and burlesque have that `streaming` celebratory feeling.
    Happy Childrens Day to you, child in heart♡and sole (pun intended!! fishy shaped)

  12. this is amazingly creative. where do you get all these ideas?!

  13. You have your own special nadine-style, funny this time and I like it - I wouldn't have any glue to that theme to be honest.
    P.S. May I invite you to the next dc, where I am the hostess this time? I would be very happy!

  14. vivid and naughty just like burlesque should be ;)

  15. i love this one. erleichda describes it perfectly. looks like you had lots of fun doing it! xo

  16. At first glance I saw anchovies or sardines, and then oh! legs.

  17. Nadine you could have a whole line of chorus girl/burlesque dancers. These could be parts of paper dolls. A wonderful visual in any event. I love the idea of the deconstruction. It's very abstract in this context. Well abstract in the conception, and moderne in the construction of the drawing if you get my drift. Love what you do! N, xo

  18. very very cool! I love your legs, I love them all! And nice colors. Great idea! that´s dancing! Legs with lips?
    (I watched "the broken circle" last weekend, did you? Well, after being Keanu R. (yes, some one told me once, he could be my brother) I was crying like a girl during the whole movie.)
    x Stefanie and say hello to Belgique

  19. i like the color choices - and this has a very creepy puppeteer feel to it. phantom of the opera meets hannibal lecter? I hope this does not offend you. i feel it is a testament to your creative gift...

    p.s. pop over to my place. em has written a food article à la gatsby, that i feel sure you will love...

  20. great legs baby and they really move :) love the colours, xx

  21. This needs to be reproduced.I'd purchase to frame and hang!!! Lovely!