drawing | fillip {on}

pulling weeds early friday morning, before the rains set in and i'd be constrained to indoors studio work, i didn't mistake the piercing noise meandering from behind the shed for sheep's bleating. 
they come visit every spring. some ten days is all them three need to munch the grass right back on the other side of our bottom-of-the-garden-creek. 

sunday last was a blast: patrice drove all the way down from holland! and would you know the rain held up and we strolled through town, through sunday streets, through the house here, and through thoughts, cherished and shared, by more than just the two of us. 

demie drank tea with us, and  all of you drawing challengers were present too. why, thank you, all! 
needless to say we did go and fillip on! stefanie had me puzzled at first, {and is hosting many more fillips!}. 

i had a 
grand ol' time 
with the wax 
... splashed some 
post war 
and voila


  1. nadine!
    what a fine post
    and so true
    yes they all were with us
    that day
    and your drawing!!!!
    the tiny woolfs
    the wax crayons, i can smell them!
    i love it all and totally
    and later on in the weekend
    you will know why this makes me smile ;^))

    dear friend

  2. Your post are always inspiring! Really are!!!!!!!! Love your art work, also, all favorites! xoxo

  3. What is that flower Woolfy, is it a tree or a shrub? It's a beauty all stretched out to greet the sun, the perfect landing pad for bees.

    1. clematis, comes in many varieties.
      not an aussie plant? sure!!

  4. it is wonderful to see your photos
    and your artful piece
    lovely weekend to you ~

  5. yeah, this is so cool, seriously I love that so very strong and powerful drawing in black wax- it´s a logo! a d.c. logo and a logo in anyway.
    and I enjoy to read about you and Patrice, your time together and the other visitors.
    Have a nice weekend and thank you so much for being in this d.c.
    a fillip is a fillip is a fillip
    x Stefanie

  6. the sheep looks kind of sheepish ;-)

    great way to do art, it was a long time i did it like that...on kindergarten...but the effect is marvelous!

  7. what a wondeRful saying.
    i'm so stoked on dRawing and woRds.

  8. ooh, i love the names patrice, demie,,fillip...
    the sheep are so near you, wow,
    the wax crayons and the saying, i feel you creating and living into your wonderful n♥-ness,
    a universe of creation and warmth...
    beautiful feeling emanate from there...

  9. Sooo great! Thanks for your fillip, I like him very very much! Great poster, great colors! Waaaahhhh ♥!
    I should free my crayons from living in the box I think ...
    I also like the sheeps and the chocolate, thank you for the view in your daily life!

  10. Haaaha, you made my day!... dearest Nadine,
    your 'keep calm...' sentence is simply great! Love it! the howling woolf!
    And to do it by wax crayons is... My, I can smell it and feel its oily surface, delicious :)

    Hon, is your shop open?

    hugs and kisses on your cheeks, right and left.

  11. I love your calm....I'm glad you had a great time you deserve it Momma!
    Happy weekend, Heidi

  12. Oh I love your keep calm note Nadine! Just love it! And your sheep: oooohh! Let me tell you something: I love sheep; I collect sheep-things, like cuddles and stuff;-) don't know were the love came from, but I just love those animals!

  13. the wolf - the words - the images - the creation - the visitors - WHAT FUN!

  14. DEEEE-lightfull, dear Woolfie!
    xxoo, sus

  15. sheepish sheep, i see them too, mowing the neighbouring plot.
    i also see warmth and coziness, good times, a day to remember at your place.
    (and yummie chocolate)

    your poster is the best, that tiny howling wolf and the sparkles, yes energy! xx

  16. love, love your poster ♥ and i enjoyed your little chat of your everyday life full of fillips ♥

  17. Oh yeah, two thumbs up on this one art friend. Indeed! Keep calm and fillip on. And of course with the wolfie on top. Brilliant. I loved hearing about your visit with Patrice, and yes, I can imagine we were in your thoughts. *hugs* Norma, x
    p.s. it is amazing how sheep can take care of a swath of grass (and hanging branches, and gardens, and flowers, and, and, and ...)

  18. oh you genius girl! love the blackout poster! and of course the sheep. i'm still puzzled myself about the "fillip"..........?

    took me long enough, but i got here in the end! hopefully life is settling down a bit. xoxo!

  19. Oh, you got me right from the beginning with those cuddly sheep...mäh!
    And finishing up with such a wonderful waxing surprise! So long ago I worked with that technique. It was some underwater world, this is what I still remember.
    Great entertainment as always, my dear!

  20. Ha! what a cool post and visit from friends and sheep :)you and Patrice had a thing this time round ;) and that technique is so fun and looks great!!

  21. I agree with Kristen: What a cool post. I love your sense of humor and of course these sheeps!
    Love + hugs
    P.S. While doodling I was thinking of you my dear doodlefriend ;) - can't wait to see your next.

  22. Now I have blog friend envy hahaha!
    Oh but it makes me happy that you girls got to meet up its always lovely to hear when this happens so wonderful makes me want to put my swimmers on and start swimming in a northerly direction.
    The cutest keep calm Ive seen for awhile ;)