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proverbs are resilient. my late aunt alice spoke in proverbs only, but they didn't make her live longer. i find i am drawn to proverbs like mosquitoes to a flame. next i fell madly in love with this plant, holding hagar responsible for me wanting to dress up my drawing in triangles {also after walking over a brussels' triangled pavement earlier this week. i think that pavement got triangled by accident, by the way, fascinating as it looked}. and so. two birds came to live underneath that structure, coseying up a stone. you got it. 
i can't wait to find out about other words and constructions at patrice's.


  1. love your word(s) and your drawing : )

  2. Oh, dearest Nadeschda,
    I agree... that plant by Hagar is marvellous and there is something beside that... a little bit of spiderweb, oh I love it!
    And your drawing of the birds here, Darling, is so so sweet. I glimpse the pattern and the stroke of your pen on the rock, of course, and find it very archaic! Love the red dots, the compaction and their dispersal. Youre words... the typo on the plate (!) is a clever idea... it's great!
    Hahaha... what is that? are there small eyes watching us?

    ox Ariane.

  3. Oh I love your birds and the pattern and your little story to it. You made your own saying, I love it! You made me smile, your way with words is just wonderful. Perferct challenge for you I would say!

  4. ok, first I understood nothing except I loved your drawing with that
    two birds - one stone... I am still wondering about, it´s fantastic.
    triangles by Hagar
    I love them, too.
    enjoy your weekend
    x Stefanie

  5. Your amazing and I love your previous post dreamy green!

  6. Look at those birds! Their feet! Their toes! Just love those birds Nadine. In this drawing I like how you get rounded shapes by straight lines. There is only circular shapes in the eyes and the occasional ones here and there, sparingly in the stone and one in the triangles above. Then I noticed they have creeped out (did they sneak out, or follow the muse's bidding) into the surrounding colour. Maybe the circular shapes just gravitated to the circular surround. In any event this is completely fabulous. It might be my favourite piece of your art, yet. Love it. N, x

  7. i love where you found all your inspiration
    from the embroidered plant birds, stones and your own heart and mind
    very cool birds
    love all the lines
    and pyramids~

  8. Very smile-making, your two birds Nadine! -sus

  9. hagars triangle plant is a wonder and your drawing is wonderful two birds - one stone, ha - this is really a fine saying!!
    ;-) mano

  10. I fear I am following in my father's footsteps.
    He speaks in proverbs all the time too - I almost used him for the DC
    It's great to get two things done at one strike isn't it!
    Red, white and black (like Celine) very direct and impressive!

  11. Proverbs are a little bit magical.
    Come say hi, there is a giveaway this week.

  12. i didn't know that proverb(in english i mean)
    i like the sound of it (also getting images in my head of the birds and the stone)
    but yours is a beauty, the triangles, ha yes Hagar does them so well, i can almost walk on that pavement, xx

  13. I didn't know the proverb either. I like it, the links as well and think your drawing is lovely. Have a nice day

  14. nadine!
    you KNOW how i love that quote!
    well, in dutch i mean ;^))))
    your drawing is a beauty!
    the grey stone, the triangels (oh yes, hagar!!!!)
    the birds, the red, the favourite dots
    and those creepy eyes(?)

    thanks for playing!!
    Patrice A.

  15. I thought about this saying too! and your drawing is fantastic! love the triangles and pattern and color and birds...alright the whole thing!! :)

  16. Dear Nadine,
    Thank you! so much...
    I love your work - I love the quote, the colors, the drawing and of course the triangles (sometimes they appear in my dreams...;-).. Thanks again....XOX

  17. I love your 2 birds one stone drawing and words. those birds are just a delight... and I Love all of the lovely lines you used to create it, and oh yeah the red dots... I Love them!

  18. I guess this picture of you drawn to proverbs like a mosquito will stay with me for the next time and I can't stop smiling. It was clear to me that this dc will reveal more about us than anything else. Yes and I found YOU.
    Your artwork doodling is so phantastic this time and the story behind the birds. Love it.
    Happy week to you, dear Nadine.

  19. You're ROCKing again, dear, it's always so fascinating how "nadinesque" your artwork is! No doubt it's yours, no matter which piece I'm looking at! You have this very own technique and appearance in your drawings, unique! And not to mention your very own sense of humor. Look at that: a hidden (Hagar) quote within a quote! That's genious, haha!

    Well, am I multinational? I'll think about that...


    P.S.: Don't know about a Paris visite right now. I'm planning France and Spain in the end of July first. But my brother and his girlfriend go to Paris in the beginning of July. Maybe you run into them? ;o))

  20. i'm impressed that you know the english proverbs, and love your take on it. we have a similar proverb, a little less gruesome than the english: can't put one foot in two shoes.

  21. I love your birdy drawing so much! Nothing more to say ... Wonderful!

  22. I just love this illustration!

  23. I'm sorry to come so late to your blog!!!

    I said in another blog that maybe my Hispanic culture makes some sayings are not familiar to me, for example, I do not know "two birds one stone" as a saying.
    anyway, I love your artwork, it is excellent!

  24. hmmm how did I miss this one????

    love it completely the strong graphic elements and your technique I could look at all day long.

    Helen x