preferably not getting my knickers in a twist

brussels, office days' lunch walk
in between next month's travel preps and keeping creative on a daily basis, i am also tending the parttime office job, as ever, and walking round, looking and wondering, also as ever. it's a fair combo that suits me.

no, no, no... this isn't my renovation, although i wish...
there's one backdrop, i don't get anything on the house (renovation) done. i wish that i would, sometimes i even think i could, but then something else pops up. i'm gonna need me some attention to that. 

painting table
which makes me wonder, also, whether it'd be an idea to office work more hours and simply get the builders in on the extra dosh i'd generate that way? it's not the simplest option, but it might be bingo in the long run. 

cemetery glass house
i'd love to live in a house that's fully finished for once (and for ever). the trouble with half finishings is that you don't notice the fissures as such anymore, but they are there and they do get on my knickers.

one for good luck ☻
anyway. now that it's been called, a solution can burst in. in the meantime, there's a {spring!} world changing outside, bursting into flames even, as long as the sun gets invited. i'm up for it, are you's? 

getting warmed up a little on collaging, one early insomniac morning...
rummaging 'round the studio, thinking up big ideas for the september venue, trying them out, breathing in, breathing out... it's all so much more exciting than running round plastering and painting walls, innit? 

enjoy the weekend. have a fun week. keep the sun hanging ♥


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    1. thanks ruthiebuthie. i have no idea who you are, but you are lovely. :-) (tracked you back to a comment from 2016 too).. maybe my memory is short. n♥

  2. Congrats, dear Nadine,
    for balance a little help for your renovation. Although I think a house is never 'ready', it must be great to reach a goal and feel satisfaction.
    Your painting table looks inspiring and I spot lovely mugs for your brushes. Same with your collaging. Insomnia? Adem in, adem uit, Hon.

    After Berlin, with all the memories of our last Summergathering, I am looking forward for this year's. Will it be in Paris? or the Belgium coast? Blankenberge? No matter where, I'd love to meet you again, dear friend!
    Love, Ariane
    PS: it was the Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten in Berlin