corner view ≈ exotic

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♫♫♪ could it be- yes, it could. 
something's coming- something good,
if i can wait ♪♪♫

this {poland} image
as close to a ghetto image
i could come, on this occasion.
bear with me
the exotic part being, a.o. the mind working overtime. else i've just been overwhelmed by last week's cv theme (fancy tickling) and now i can't force myself back into my usual self. when you happen upon a west side story version somewhere in indiana (us of a), quite unexpectedly, (yes, kim, you are reading correctly, it happened in 1990, and it was in a school play), brilliantly put together by last year students, you can't feel but a little exotic, especially when the sports gym has been whizzed into a staged new york ghetto. 

as i have no image to show for the above, i've had to tap into a few takes from last weekend, when another exotic clung to the afternoon air: that of summer, once again, heading for a grand finale. 

the corn, overdue and unfortunately destined for kettle only, near drew me in {well, we are coming closer to hallow-e'en, and horror has been known of in corn fields}☻. sniffing the nigh to pallid air, dappled by sunshiney flakes, sporadically torn open by a proud rooster or two, i have to admit i shall never be as fortunate, nor shall i be patient like francesca, to immortalize moving animals on photographic paper. 

may the colours of this memorable afternoon breathe exotic to you too. theme from elsa, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.


  1. O die nieuwe banner, super! Jep this looks pretty exotic to me, hoera voor oktoberzon.

  2. i breathe exotic with all your warm colors!!

    and i love alice!!!
    here some nice thoughts of her:
    I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!


  3. what a fun post ! i enjoyed it ! did you grow the corn ??

    here is mine ...

  4. haha, no patience on my part: I took about 200 shots of them, and only 4 came out ok!

  5. love the ghetto image.....and oh Alice I have corn caught in my teeth.

  6. that rooster looks exotic and definitely proud - nice shot. I also really like the color on the corn - golden!

  7. Such a lovely corn image, and the rooster looks great in the particular light you captured.

  8. I didn't know how exotic belgian autumn is! And really exotic birds you have there, wow! ;o)

  9. ....i dont know, what it is, but it is....gonna be g-r-a-n-d-......

    around the corner!

    your house looks like it's coming on v. well. and the rooster pic - truly exotic. my cat would like a rooster! xoxo

  10. Beautiful images...I especially like the rooster.

  11. that rooster looks very exotic :)

  12. Thanks for the smiles and stay out of the cornfields - especially at night!

  13. Quite an undertaking---the play. Isn't it grand when students come through so grandly?!
    Love the corn pic--gorgeous close-up shot from an unusual angle which makes it even better.
    I like how you 'trip' us through your mind--I'm never sure where I will end up, but I enjoy the journey!;>)

  14. You've been doing some investigation I can see...
    Looks like your mind is very active this month, isn't it?
    New CVs, Alice, your house.
    Will it be finished soon? I'm dying to see some pictures of the result.
    Big kisses Nadine, I'm sorry for not having the time I had before to talk, and am waiting (trying to do it patiently) for your answer!

  15. What a great photo of the corn cob! Have a happy weekend.

  16. The rooster is gorgeous, and all poultry so difficult to photograph... But your imags and the words brought me a moment of peace, thanks!

  17. LOVE the shadow patterns on that chicken!

  18. Lovely! Your exotics are truly exotic . . . and I love the way you write :-)
    Have a great week!

  19. This cock!
    It's such a surprise to see what exotics others share.
    Colors on your way!

  20. your corn picture is beautiful ... I love the light ...