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development makes me wonder whether possible progress always and automatically leads to something new. whether development perhaps serves as a deserving tool to (self)reflection upon life and its circumstances in general, and from the dawn state of a project to its finishing point in particular? are we talking constant re-creation, re-development? does our circle of challenges, ladies and friends, reflect well upon the eternal (re)turn of life and death,

like e.g. the snake biting its own tail? ariane gathers the others on development.


  1. you've got a point ofcourse, development doesn't always means progress or not only progress, developing something good brings also something not so good with it, and in the end, maybe on other levels,different circumstances we are all searching for the same.the snake biting it's own tale is a true an great image in my opinion, great post my dear,xx

  2. do not know what it is but y
    our drawings always make me smile
    your words keep singing in my head
    like the words of Renilde
    and her comment on yours
    this one will stay with me
    for awhile


  3. your image and words on development are indeed thought provoking. I also like what renilde says, we are all searching for the same...
    whatever comes of development, it never ceases. and since the dawn of man, is there really anything new under the sun?

  4. its very interesting to see how each one presents development. what thoughts it brings... and i do agree. just as renilde. not always only something good out of development...
    i like your dawing : )

  5. interesting questions. i think that development brings progress which is something new, but whether that new is good or bad is a different question.

  6. I think developments happen in waves, clustered along spirals. There is a new layer, a hint of a new dawn, but when unravelled, the development turns out to be a natural consequence of earlier developments, and so it was not something new, but a widening, a more intense look at things. Developments are like the opening of a flower, in that respect ;-)


  7. These are deep thoughts Momma.....Happy weekend!

  8. Oh, i agree with you,
    dearest Nadine,
    not each development is a good one... it could be, unfortunately are we just humans. But in every beginning I'll believe in the good... I'm a pollyanna.
    Your drawing is great! It transports in a special way your thoughts... the numbers shows me the capabilities, the power.
    Thank you very much.

  9. Pure poetry and beauty... and "gourmandise"