scribbles on an indian summer

i left a scribble for son before i set off.
into the sunshine, i dare say. 

the indian summer keeps on pouring on us.
m. had it all planned. 

we decided on mussels for lunch,
a splash of golden delicious and
the cake to be made. 

the one cake: the nigella cake.
it'd been a while, but it came out sound,
and delivered.
my precious oven that i miss. 

m. wanted gingerbread billy bunters.
we made them.

by jove, we made them. 

i even cracked her cookie mold! 

this morning i did go and pick up the bicycle i left behind. 

the walk through quiet landscape felt invigorating. 

on my way back i bumped into alice.
just to top up the day.

i would like to know.
how about you's?  


  1. your pictures are beautiful – once more! so good night et à bientôt!

  2. Oh .... :-) Alice...

  3. What a beautiful day Woolfy.

    I spent my morning at the hairdressers listening to mine talk about his conquests while out clubbing the night before. This made me feel old (but my newly coloured, bouncy hair doesn't!)

    I'm glad you didn't fall down any rabbit holes on your walk for your bike...looks the perfect place for them x

    p.s. are Billy Bunters fat gingerbread men?

  4. perfect images of a perfect day, beautiful!

  5. a borage blossom - that's a real indian summer!

  6. Oh that cake! Heerlijk he dat zonnetje :)

  7. Dearest Woolfy,
    my, your baking makes me hungry!
    i spent my morning waxing teenage girls' eyebrows (daughter and friend)dreaming up wild halloween costumes for them, helping a friend open an etsy shop and photographing her beautiful necklaces and doing laundry! how's that?! feels good to be back.

  8. we went to the beach where i found an abundance of harvest-colored scallop shells washed up. i think it's a post in the making... but today i am ill, so i am especially appreciating this vicarious walk and scrumptious looking food (what adorably adorable gingerbread fellows! )

    p.s. JUST peeked at tinyWOOLF. I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY!

  9. gorgeous pics ... looks like a wonderful day :)

  10. Chouette journée! (except the mussels, not my cup of tea ;-) )
    My day was also in the fresh air, feeling warm under the sun and looking up to the trees...
    See you tomorrow: I guess you will have a fantastic tickling fancy CV ;-)

  11. Very nice those pictures almost visual poetry.