drawing | alice

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♫♪  oh, alice, dear where have you been?
so near, so far or in between?
what have you heard what have you seen?
alice, alice, please, alice!

oh, tell us are you big or small
to try this one or try them all
it’s such a long, long way to fall
alice, alice, oh, alice  ♪♫♪

♥ ♥
♥ ♥

alice and tinyWOOLF boxes on my mind during the day, falling leafs and poetry racing outside, and a dream which urges me to remember. upon awakening, i run blindly for a scrap of paper.

the dream - i was in a shop and discovered a tiny box (well, evva!) in the softest of colours, and in the shape of a house. i picked it up from the shelf and started to investigate. it fitted snugly in the palm of my hand, and straightaway i noted a few curious devices. upon pushing the front door open, a girl's body with a fancy looooooooong neck would drop down, creating a ♪♫♫ melody. upon turning the house upside down, a tiny gateway from the backside creaked open and a bed-cum-quilted-duvet appeared, in which the little girl slept. all of this was so delicate to look at, so magical to feel, i almost burst. upon almost bursting, i woke up. {and drew above sketch}

i got so curious about this enchantment, i simply could not withhold from expressing my vision a little better, a little more colourful.

and so it was, on a sunny afternoon last week, i chased a few cobwebs from my mind. because life has a knack of happening all at once.

as i sat on the milkhouse steps, near the duck pont, i listened to distant sounds invading my head. there is no real quiet about, nowhere nigh. one needs to find the hole inside. ♥

and wait for inspiration to come flooding in. until that very moment happens, when you find yourself mirrored in a shard of chance glass.

or if you don't find yourself mirrored, then at least a whole forest. then you know again, all is well.

'bout time for tea and biscuits now! aren't you getting curiouser...? i'm on my way, on a trail,

to play and have plenty of cake and cookies, with a gathering of alices... ☻

c·l·i·c·k m·e
♥ {twice} ♥
♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
thank you 
so much for 
showing up!


  1. dear, dear Nadine!
    H-O-W I L-O-V-E T-H-I-S!!!!
    your story made me sit
    on the tip of my chair
    mouth open of excitement
    what will there be next
    around the corner?
    and than your drawing
    click me
    what a great work
    it is all there
    your Wonderland

    and I am so sorry to say
    I will not be in


  2. Oh dear, i knew coming here i was in for a treat, and the surprises are many!
    love tiny WOOLF
    love the dream, the story and than that wonderful drawing full of magic, i smiled all the way, on a rather cloudy october day the colors work quite energizing, thank you sweetie

    i had something with tiny boxes on my mind too, well coincidence doesn't excist ;) xx

  3. this a wonderful story, a wonderful drawing. i am so happy to be invited : )
    i am bringing the greek edition of Alice
    as a gift ; )

  4. Yay!! How fabulous..fun-spirited and magical...and soooo yummy..those treats look divine!! I love the beautiful art, creations and your story-telling spirit!!pure enchantment!! thankyou for inviting me to this special party!!
    hugs and sparkles

  5. Reading this post and admiring your photo is really like in a dream... when we visit a lot of different worlds, apparently without logic but with a beautiful hidden sense.

  6. You always amaze me.......fun fun fun!

  7. so frameable. so loveable. so alice.

  8. p.s. what kind of biscuits/cookies are those? five eggs???

  9. Dearest Nadine,
    I clap my hands keenly!
    Your dream is fantastic, wonderful surreal. As your drawing! I clicked it, twice... I really love your Wonderland.
    You have got biscuits... It's five o'clock: I'm finally make tea.

    With adoration,

  10. just great, dreamy, hungry making cookies, wonderful artwork, what more can we ask for!? xxx, julia

  11. Ahá! I can see now how your drawings and proposals are full of intuition and subconsciousness. I love that.
    I was thinking the other day, some ideas wandered around my brain. And I remember I thought you were such a love spreader. I mean, all of you blog friends always show the nicest things in life, the beauty to be enjoyed. You show us your boxes and vintage acquisitions, and your train rides and your favourite music and films and books. And you ask nothing for it.
    I always thought that was the main reason why I would never leave his great bogosphere :)
    How long has it been since we haven't had one of our long, letter conversations? I miss them!
    Big kisses

  12. such a nice post!!!! I posted too :)