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night train to italy, july 2016
i got back from the holidays a while ago and still feel in a certain summery swing. keeping my studio windows wide open is a plus. sorting out the last batch of july photos is almost a fact [via facebook ☻]

the painting isn't happening. yet. 
after the spring exhibition in the front room, that space is still empty and quietly awaiting finishing touches. this huge kitchen sideboard however is holding up the works, since she needs a few paint coats before emerging as a bespoke bookcase. a challenge!
amsterdam street flower (stokroos)
talking of which. almost AC challenge kick off! i'll be posting a call by the 18th to come together on the last weekend of august. i do believe most folks will be back from summer 'obligations' by then. in the meantime, have a good weekend. ♥ 


  1. goedemorgen!
    en ook ik heb nog steeds
    een glimlach terugdenkend aan de zomer
    het zingen en dansen in mijn studio
    de liedjes.... F I J N !
    maar je filmpje krijg ik niet te zien
    error... zegt het

    fijne dag!

    oja, DC/AC zin in!!
    en goede timing ook
    ik wacht het af ;^))

  2. You put a nice frame on it, dear Nadine! I just love those train rides with ever changing view (a room with a ever changing view ;-))
    As Patrice has said: the filmpje krijg ik ook niet te zien
    I will stay tuned.
    (DC/AC: I am in! and: the kitchensideboard works as the bookcase: step by step)

    Love, Ariane

  3. That cupboard is beautifulalready and DC, yes, yes, yes i have missed you all, women!

  4. What a nice view from your window. Have a great week!

  5. night train to Italy, that brings back some memories.

  6. What a fantastic slide show, Nadine! What software did you use to make it? All the photos are beautiful!