art challenge NEW THEME | ROOM {with a view}

brussels, grote zavel
 as some of us got together last summer, we found ourselves gravitating towards a summer theme that would connect us, ranging from la-la-la-ing songs to letting our thoughts wander over ways to tie creativity into our daily lives.

brussels, ravenstein gallery

one of the themes that popped up was owning the space, as you may have noticed. since we all know that soft and gentle thru'way in which we can be ourselves and create so well, all while staying connected.
brussels, office with a view

 we landed in a room{-of-our-own}, not necessarily fancy, spatious, nor seperate even. a private space inside our head perhaps, where we retreat to in order to make. it could be a room, but also a table corner, a pull-out table top, a garden spot, ... 
brussels, pralini marcolini

all while having and owning (a) room is pure luxury for some, ... what does your room look like? does your room have a view? is it tangible, does it happen when you create? let's make ourselves some ROOM. 
ghent, madam bakster bakery

 as you remember, any discipline in our AC will do. suffices to add your name below through the comment section, join us here on august 27th-28th and let's play!  c·a·n·n·o·t·w·a·i·t !
i love how everyone is filled with enthusiasm to get back at it... : ariane, lucia, veronica, annton, patrice, melodye, susanna, pieterbie, carole, tammie, norma, eric, stefanie, theresa, sharmon, barbara, roberto, bev, ... feel very welcome everyone! see you at the weekend! 


  1. Liebe Nadine, I am in! Fantastic theme �� It is still on my mind... this 'room with a view' is moving me...
    LOVE, Ariane. Rose

  2. I am in, of course. Thank you.

  3. Oh yes! That's wonderful. I'm in for sure!

  4. After a long break, I am so in! xo Annton

  5. Hurray, and thanks for jump-starting our group again. Count me in!

  6. My room or my space. That is what I need, I guess. I can think of 3 places where I could do this. I'll have to think about this one. Not an easy one. Like the pics of Brussels. Going back there tomorrow. Go there just about every Working day.

  7. I'm in, Nadine. Thanks for getting the ball rolling again. xo

  8. Looks and sounds like you all had an interesting and maybe fun time. Yay.
    I would like to join you.
    Thank you for hosting.

  9. Uh, am I late? Would like to join...
    x Stefanie

  10. Thanks, Nadine, I would like to participate if it's not too late!

  11. Oh please, do not be so strict, this is a game. can I get on the list?

  12. Dear Nadine,
    I am not an early Bird, I can not read ;))) and made a mistake with the date of this AC. Tomorrow - on Saturday Morning - I will set my post (with dove an devil) on the top of my blog.
    Thank you for reminding, all the best. Yours Lucia

  13. Wow! What a view, nothing like that here. Looks like a movie.What must it be like to see views like that?