london, osborn street, image tilted
we've had a {work}week from hell, though some folks find 30° onwards pleasant. i'll be clear about one thing : i HATE hot weather. after one hot italy and one hot holland i had a moderate england, but now this! i hate climate change if this is what it is.
{not my view from the window, i'm afraid....}, london, whitechapel road
i'm typing along with a view from my workroom, aka as studio. i haven't been drawing, i've been sitting here, taking it all in. the neighbours from the apartment flats, the late sunshine brimming off the oxeblood red rooftiles, the pale blue evening sky. 
london, kew gardens

i'm recuperating on the old legs from all the walking and sighseeing i've been doing last weekend. the kitchen in the summer resident hall i stayed in in whitechapel, had a few typical rooftop views too and plain white skies to begin with. 
london, bethnal green museum of the childhood

 on a few occasions i sat down at the table in there and drank my morning coffee sketching momentos. these drawings are all the trace i've got of staying right there, in london's east end, at that kitchen table. i can get sentimental like that. ... 
london, old montague street, sketching from the kitchen table

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london, brick lane

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  1. Hello Nadine,
    here we are. I must say, I love this warm days, maybe the last one this year? Your sketches from the kitchen table are so good, you really had a room with a view.
    So my Early-Bird-Post is now on the top of my blog:
    Have a nice (calm and not to warm) Weekend. Thank you for this AC.

  2. So you had a room in one of my favo places in the world: London. I went to Cornwall.
    Via the URL at the end of this reply you'll find my room.
    Great idea, BTW, I'll certainly go and visit the other contributors.

  3. Great view of London from your room. I've been there to many years ago ( to London) to be honest, the costs there scares me of a bit to visit this great town. But seeing all your photo's I'm a bit in London anyway! Thanks!


  4. Nadine, I so love seeing sketches, and the view you had in London. I never thought of it being hot there, though, and all I can say is, join the club. The humidity here has been awful. Also I LOVE that last photo, and am unable to figure out how you did it. Reflection, double exposure? It's great! And I almost forgot, I have posted my ROOM!

  5. Fabulous fun! I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to get down to London this time. Next time I hope. :D Love that you managed to make some art along the way. Thank you so much for hosting dear girl.

  6. Good sketches! and pics. (i like hot vacances and on the beach) Thanks for the invitation to AC :)

  7. Thanks for letting us play again! As you know I hate the hot weather as well. We can both look forward to autumn's wonderfully cooler days. We can both enjoy the coolness of our studios. The energy from being cool again. I think of you lovely studio often and smile. Here's to many, many more blissful hours of drawing in your favourite drawing ROOM!

  8. I simply adore your drawings!
    So happy to be in the room of your A.C.
    x Stefanie

  9. Great blue hand. Love your sketches.So good to have an AC again. - eric

  10. Hi Nadine-tje, finally I made it (putting up my post), after first having a different idea. I love your little sketches out of your hotel room, a good example how the same view can be totally different everyday.
    And you won't be astouned that I like the blue skeleton hand like hell - awesome.
    Wish you a fresher week the next week!
    How about skype these days?
    xo bee

  11. My old legs are recuperating too from a day full of hiking and a night full of performing. I like your Brick Lane photo and that kitchen too! Here's my post: I'm glad to be included in the art challenge fun!

  12. Hi there! I have really enjoyed seeing London again through your lens. Different perspectives. London weather - so unpredictable, but that's what adds to the intrigue. I'm joining in on your Art Room challenge fun.

    my first one is up....

  13. I'm late as heck in posting my room(s) with view(s) but nonetheless have chimed in. I must say dear Nadine, your line drawings are strong and strong and wonderful. You just keep getting better. I guess when you enjoy what you do, you do it often and then of course, get better. I'm enjoying your 'better.' HA! I'm not a fan of 30 deg. C. either. I do think it is climate change. Okay night, night. N, x

  14. I hate hot days too and I'm happy that today there are many dark clouds over our house!!
    I like your sketches so much - I wished, I can do that too!
    thanks for instamano ;)!!

  15. far too late and though it feels like a lame excuse; it was far too hot. even for technics. so, here I am looking at your exciting selection and the little drawings. I find them adorable. other than that, since having moved, I see you all around here. sitting by the fire, painting, drinking and laughter. maybe one day!

  16. hello Nadine,
    I was away this weekend, camping. So now i get to enjoy a leisurely visit with every one.
    Thank you for hosting.

    I also am not fond of hot weather. Here we are lucky that the nights get quite cool even when it is hot, that helps. I enjoyed seeing all your photos and your sketches are super. I enjoyed looking at all the details. Sketches like this are fun also because they create memories as well as looking more closely.

    lovely week to you!

  17. Museum of childhood?! Must see!!!!