it's all about the space

ariane and barbara concentrating
how lucky are we, when we visit patrice at her home, we find her studio squeaky clean and in wait for us, hungry lionesses from the north and south, as we bring our unraveling (from the summer heat) and burning (from excitement) wishes... that lucky! 

karamelkoek : a layer of cookie crumble, caramel and chocolate

from luxurious lounging through balanced food on the table to an exciting creative program, we got it all in patrice's home. thank you, star! such a joy to explore amsterdam, rotterdam and delft together. such an honour too.  
clockwise : barbara, ariane, celine, patrice, the group (me in mirror) + nelleke, apple pie and delft

after strolling hot amsterdam streets, listening to delicious street music, eating a meal-with-a-view, having warm apple pie for afters, meeting up with celine and nelleke, "wanderlustingly" strolling through the biodynamic farm, eager to smell the flowers....

 we got down to all four corners of patrice's studio and got ourselves into the serious business of owning the room. i already had the pleasure meeting miss stuttgart last year, so i got out of the way and shot images of industry. 
under the linocut of the rose sits a surprise! keep on clicking
miss stuttgart could no longer be denied her powers, neither could ariane's labour of love. in many ways our studio presence was the culminating moment to our summer gathering. it's all about the space, after all. here's miss stuttgart deconstructed. ♥