crispinus and crispinianus & HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCESCA

how sexy is the sound of those names? i entered saint waltrudis church with the intention of finding them both and holding them dear to my heart. i was stopped in my tracks by today's busy priest setting up an art show 'and would i gently step out of the way, thank you'.

i didn't find c&c, but i let myself slip into a town stroll mode instead. the campine town of herentals bathed in sunshine, luckily not too hot. a rather extraordinary family visit under my belt, i felt at home in this place too. i wondered why. it wasn't the fairground a(ttra)ction.

but i quickly understood this antwerp province town feels alot like the town i live in, same hickledy-pickledy architectural lay out and an interesting if unassuming city centre. add a romantic beguinage to the equation and i'm not complaining on a first time visit. 

doing a tiny bit of research afterwards, i find out c&c, patron saints of cordwainers, fell prone to hideous 3rd century chistian persecution, so all the better for not having found proof to that.. so why not peek around here instead, short walk....  


  1. so enjoyed your photos and commentary
    sweet weekend to you

  2. looks like a really pretty place.
    And those names are lovely and so are your photos.

  3. Thanks for this beautiful walk, full of suprises... Have a nice day

  4. it got you some good photos the visit.

  5. Beautiful! Have a great week! Stepping food in your country this week! So excited!

  6. Thank you Nadine, and sorry I'm so late! It's our last week of school holidays (sob!), and I've been taking it easy :)