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the week was strange, filled with all sorts, and exhaustion creeps up on me this morning. nonetheless i'm pulling out stuff from under dust mites and share with you some images that never made it to an album. to all weekend players : thanks so much!

do you have shelf flowers in your cupboard, meaning old, unused stuff that wants out, but you never find the courage? because i have stuff and photos going strong in my closet.

what to do with images of the past, eating up space besides spawning dust. because, open the hornet's nest and you'll be had. you'll be spending hours. oh, it is a joyful task, you won't hear me pretend otherwise. still. 

can we agree that today's images are far less tangible than developed paper memories. we can savely call our today's overload on images virtual. seductive, yet elusive. colour rich, yet fading fast. present, but not really.

enthralled, imaginative and creative we are. we stock up on ideas through images on a daily basis. i mean, am i the only one wanting to kick pinterest in the butt, every now and then, because it is in a word addictive? and i haven't {literally} started on instagram yet.

i find i do not often read books anymore. on the train, i prefer to leaf through an inspiring (image laden) magazine, making surrounding noises work for me rather than hate all that commuter babble.

and yet. the image is no enemy, not to the word, it isn't. not to our lives. images make us feel alive. and with that they offer us moral codes, they challenge us, day and night. maybe that's the bitch, the 24/7 bit. 

maybe that's where we come in, as human beings. to pull the stop if need be. to put a stop to the imaginary, subconscious streaming and to make way to conscious symbolism, every so often. maybe we do need to stick our heads down that memory box periodically. or down the sand even, and see what happens. what happened here is i cut public houses from a berlin poster and stuck them in grömitz sand last july, thus creating an... other image. 
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  1. I have to agree! Before digital cameras though, I would take photos with my 110 and developing was exciting but then so disappointing. Money spent on images that were horrid and blurry and the composition not how I imagined it. Then I got behind on developing and ended up with so much undeveloped film and ever had the money to catch up. Aborted images. Now I run into similar situations, photos that are printed at a staggering rate.

    Pinterest is so addictive and again, once thumbing through catalogs and magazines and newspapers, clippings of hopes, dreams, ideas and recipes pasted in s notebook or stored in a box or folder. I recently found my old attaché case that stored my archaic form of Pinterest. I even go through and weed out/ delete I mean, as I once did with paper and a trash basket.

    I should be reading too. But the mind needs images sometimes so I feed it and you never know what it turns out: interesting dreams, ideas, ideas....inspirations :)

  2. Collages! Soon to begin around here once I collect enough material.

    1. yes, do! can't wait to see what you've stored up and what will shine through.... yey!

  3. Oh so true about the overload of images in out lives and trouble keeping focus. That's one very worrying trend I studied during my communications degree a few years ago, and Chloe just graduated from. So endemic in our lives and so sad to see the bombardment. At least we can be aware of it. Love digging up old photos and old images. Years ago I started scanning old family photos and keeping a digital record of great grandparents etc for my children. Very valuable stuff. Thank you so much for hosting dearest. I'm so glad to have a reason to break out of my art comfort zone. Big hugs X

  4. Yes, yes (no you're not alone) and yes!
    Images are important - but perhaps not 24/7
    Thanks for the mental workout Nadine!

  5. I have enjoyed considering your theme this week. I love having 5 days to consider these things, see how they kiss the days and nights and inspire something to share. So thank you.

    You have considered images slightly differently than i had considered. But yes, it does seem like SO much these days, so fast, so much information and images. Last night i sat on my steps lightning and thunder filling the air, rain falling and we need it so bad as the fires have filled our air with smoke. Sitting there, the world dynamic yet still slowed down and all felt right.

  6. I like the theme you selected, and the images you included here. I have interpreted it somewhat differently, but I have to agree with what you say about the overload of images in our culture. Thanks for hosting!

  7. love the houses on the sand! cupboards full of pictures? tables laden with magazines? shelves groaning under notebooks? you talking about me??!!!!


  8. Now I absolutely MUST go visit your pinterest site. I try to organize my image collections (collected in a pile that is) in plastic containers so I can see what is what. Yeah right. There is no what is what. I just have to plunge in and start digging. Funny thing is though, is that once I've seen an image I kind of never forget it, but actually finding the original image in my boxes, piles, stacks takes hours. Some images I am still looking for. I am good at ripping off a cover of a magazine if I like it. Still can't find the one of a bird in a hallway in a home in Florida. Pink bird. Large scale. Been looking for years for that image. On occasion I join in on a paper swap hosted by a gal in Northern Germany. Love her to bits. Maybe you have crossed paths online with her (www.paper-swap.blogspot.com) and really she is a wonderful gal to cross paths with. Anyway, a great way to destash images is to join in on a paper swap. Okay, Nadine thank you for being such a wonderful inspiring host. I love your papers. *smiles* Norma,x

  9. Thank you, Nadine for hosting this week and for choosing such an open to interpretation theme! Yes, we are bombarded with images from the moment we rise to the moment we sleep, even then we have dream images. Maybe you noticed I closed my Pinterest account. Too much, too much, too much.
    I LOVE your houses in the sand and your box of photos!
    xo Carole

  10. Great images, all of them, I love looking through old photos, wondering who?/where? :-)

  11. love the ...other image !
    and yes, to much, what helps me: don´t wear my glasses (am nearsighted), that way I don´t see/notice to much ;-)
    thank you for hosting x Stef.

  12. Thank you, Nadine, for invite and wonderful theme! I also should read more and am often tired if all visual materia around us. But more than that I am happy to find fascinating images, such as yours:) Leena

  13. vandaag in het nederlands want alleen de blogpost maken in het engels kostte me al zoveel moeite

    de hele week met je thema rondgelopen
    wat te doen, te maken, te tonen....
    foto's bekeken in boeken op de computer en de losse foto's die nooit zijn ingeplakt ;^))
    al die foto's en beelden.... ik ben sinds een aantal weken op instagram en het is veel....
    tegenstrijdig ook omdat ik hoe van langzaam, van schrijven met een vulpen en het lezen van een boek

    dankjewel voor dit thema
    het past bij mijn stemming.... xxx

  14. A very nice post and theme... So many images...An image-free day passed my mind:) - eric

  15. Great post Nadine - love the theme. Thanks for the invitation, sorry I didn't make it to join in ..... although I just posted a long post with lots of images of a recent adventure with my daughters. Images can provoke such thoughts and memories. I am a huge visual learner so images are extremely important to me.... but so are written words...

  16. is that what the box looks like :-)

  17. Dear Nadine-tje you know already that fliping through your stash of old family pics would be an eldorado for me - maybe you should give me an old one via net so that I can do a collage for you personally like you did my hourse for me?
    But back to the theme, yes a fickle one the fact of overload of images, things to do preferable all at once. I'm not to much on pinterest though... I like the berlin houses in Grömitz sand thats an awesome image and captures a part of your journey in an captivating way.

  18. I can relate to what you say about the Lloyds building in London on my blog. Sometimes something can be so hult that you begin to find it pretty. I used to have that with my Volvo 340

  19. you are so right with all the unused stuff...!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And now I have to sort out something, hehe ;)

  20. berlin houses in sand - it would be nice for all berliner!!
    too much instagrampinterestpicturesandsoon in our head - so it will be good to look at the old ones. it ist really recreative! in german: entschleunigend (there is no english word for it!?).
    :-) mano

  21. In Grömitz sand you put the houses, dear Nadeschda? A real happening!
    Even me am addicted to all that images. I read less, because I get impatient. Otherwise all that images coming from the web are much cheaper for me, than collecting all the magazines... I had meters (tons) of them... but now, I am free! And sometimes, I have told at Patrice's blogpost, I simply have to close my eyes.
    I love your potpourri of images here from yesterdays (unknown... ha! ;-) and the new ones, from Germany.

    You are on my mind, my friend, and maybe you find a little time, to look at my blog at Thursday morning. There will be two images of pearls at the end of the post. Please tell me, if you have a favored color, ja?

    Love X

  22. i resent it when images substitute words (I just saw an ad for a computer program to teach kids to pass their driving test - it had little cartoon characters and made-up words all over the place: is the assumption that kids in their late teens cannot read or follow words without some imagery?!), otherwise I think most images to be beautifully creative. and maybe they do draw from a subconscious push.