drawing | tiny {"honey, i shrunk the wo{o}lf"}

my first tiny is effectively called TINY. in anglo-saxon countries her name is martine or emma (correct me if i'm wrong, i don't think she really hit it off overseas). like most of my mates back then, i was in love with tiny and her crew, and i wanted a birthday just like hers.

when i switched blogging from flemish to english, i created woolfenbell {an allusion to virginia woolf & vanessa bell}. initially planned as a duo-write, i changed the name to tinyWOOLF a year later, because i wanted to keep the wo{o}lf and tiny suited me just fine. 

plenty of proverbs illustrate the power of tiny. small things do appreal to me, and more so as i gently age into who i need to become, if that makes sense. lately, when i thrift browse, i mostly go for small items, a significant change, gladly felt in my carrier bag. 

i mind write tiny scenarios when i photograph them funny things, orderin 'em around. how perfectly they fit in too, in their laborious task of fickle modeling, using buildings for support. you wouldn't say so first now, would you? ☻

oh. cat curious above!... click here for more show. tammie couldn't have chosen a hotter DC theme for this gal this weekend. whooh-hooh!☻


  1. well, the best theme for our tinyWOOLF - hehe!
    Your daily project is nice, I will have a look for it from time to time.
    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Love that Tiny puzzle, and yes, me too would have loved
    a birthday like hers :)
    And I love your tiny people :))

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Loving the tiny wo(o)lfe perspective. Always! Those guys on the houses...men...typical. Lol, love all those tiny things in your diorama. I have one similar at the cabin (but not this great because I don't have the men on the houses). So much fun to organise. Note to self: get tiny men! Big hugs wolfie girl. :D

  4. so fun this our theme was so good for you
    and for us getting to know you a bit more
    love your tiny collection
    with the stories it inspires
    love those tiny pictures, i had never heard of her or her birthday

  5. you are a busy woolf! who is the lady in the second set of pics w/ you (who is not virigina?) there is an elton john song about these things....

  6. A nice rich post. This theme fits you so well. - eric

  7. love the name 'tiny woolf' and 'tiny wolf' even without the Virginia Woolf reference, I think it's such a great name for a blog. & collecting and finding tiny things is another favorite of my

    have a lovely day.

  8. Tammie planned the perfect theme for you tinyWOOLF and you've created a post full of tiny eye candy!
    I hope your week is full of photo ops and tinyWOOLF adventures. xo Carole

  9. You made me smile with your shrunken wolf header :)
    I love your sense of humour Nadine.
    And the tiny barbie shoe-boot.

  10. hahaha!
    tiny!!! woolf
    it's in the name
    and the header

    happy, happy post
    and a younger you
    together with Virgina!
    tralala... thanXXX!

  11. Hey Nadine, it's interesting to see the origins of your blog name. Mine is in honour of my beloved 1973 yellow VW bug which I drove until it would drive no more and so I placed wings on it and called it 'fairyyellowbug' and use that for email, blog, etsy, etc., wherever I can. I originally started a blogspot with that name but didn't write down the password and cannot get back in to save my soul so started a new one called TheFairyyellowbugQueen which is me. Gosh, who knew my comment would be all about ME! Well, generous friend, I know you won't mind. Love your tinies. I have a small (2 actually) wooden drawer that held metal alphabet letters and numbers for old typesetting printing and the little openings are so small I can't find things to put in. There's a million sections for sure. I'm thinking small feathers and rocks and bits of moss. Loved your post, thanks, N, x

  12. A theme meant for you - and secrets revealed. I often wonder about the origin of names.

  13. WoolfenBell! that's how connected with you! I googled Tiny, and whereas I found that the series hardly known (i.e. published) in English, there are about a dozen books translated into Italian (Martina). I'm tempted to get one for Rebecca, the birthday one, of course, and hope she isn't too big for them, as I couldn't find what age they're for.

  14. Sometimes even tiny things can be big and a tiny woolf can offer still sharp ideas!
    Also nice collection of tiny things
    barbara bee

  15. Wonderful collection of tiny things, Nadine. I don't know why tiny things are so fascinating, but they are - maybe because they are so easy to manipulate. It's also fascinating to find out how how your blog got it's name, which i've often wondered about.

  16. hello, darling you! i love the tiny owl and cat, too :)

  17. I spy my tiny gifties!!! Yes! Tinies and when I see them I think of you these days. I love tiny things and find myself making up stories of tiny worlds like the entire kingdom that lives in our tree. This small tree outside our window houses a tiny large kingdom and they only lower the hidden drawbridge at night, why? Because all teeny things and especially those in teeny kingdoms know their charm and how it leads to their downfall. Teehee... It's why I love toys!!!

  18. But, you have not tiny ideas!!!! :)