drawing challenge NEW THEME | IMAGE

it's been a while, our weekend meetings across the globe. have we been distracted by an overwhelming surge of images? on many blogs i am reading of similar concern, to the point of an inevitable where are we now question.  

in a sense i'm not phased about the dynamics of the image. is this because i perceive the image rather as a story, consisting of many layers, not unlike poetry? i'm sure this is also where the attraction lies, images speaking volumes.

in michael cunningham's SPECIMEN DAYS a luminescent bowl, surviving time and age in three separate parts to the novel, impressed me as such a strong image of the power of being. i am convinced both imagery and word are allies rather than they are competitors. 

so, what in effect does the image mean to you? in what way has it entered your life, and where do you think it will lead you, us? no fuss either, you can answer in images... ;-))) would love for you to participate. ♥ 

DRAWING CHALLENGE date : sat-sun 15-16/08/15. simply leave your message, and you will be added to our list... and thank you. will be there : veronica, jo, ariane, bee, patrice, miss herzfrisch, stefanie, tammie, katrin, norma, leena, carole, rachel, eric, roberto, ... 


  1. Thanks for the invite 😊
    I'm in too!!

  2. Yes count me in - although with your description you seem to set the benchmark high - phew.
    I'll do my very best.

  3. Thank you for your invitation. Yes please count me in.
    ♥ Sabine

  4. Ok, let's give it a Try - count me in, please! x Stef.

  5. such an interesting thing to consider. so much of my life is about capturing or creating images.
    interesting post on it and i had not heard bowie for so very long.
    yes, i will join you. thank you for the invite.

    1. i will share my post on my art blog : http://beautyflows.blogspot.com/
      (forgot which blog i was signed in with)

  6. well, I will try this challenge! Count me in!

  7. I love your images. Words and images are definitely allies.

  8. I will try something dearest! IN, IN, IN....N,x

  9. sounds a bit too challenging for me.

  10. Cool! I am in for sure.. and thanks for the invite! Leena

  11. Nadine! I don't know where the time has flown, it's seem ages since I have had a good and proper look around here.
    Apologies - the renovation work is looking really good too :)
    I'll be here more often I promise!

  12. couldn't agree more about pics + words! xo

  13. Thanks for the invite. You may count me in. - eric

  14. Count me! Please!!!!!!!!!! I´ll try to do as they say: an image tells more that 100 words! :)

  15. Even though I'm late, I would like to participate. Thanks!

  16. So sorry, I couldn't make it. But I'll come around and read. Thank you so much for inviting. Still anywhere else with my head, you know? Best wishes, my dear!