margate, evening walk 'home'. a bit of a epiphanic moment there... ☺
organizing my photos fresh after coming back is a must. if i don't, i tend to let go and won't easily come back to it all. i managed to get an order in there. 

margate sands. so lovable
i discover i am forever drawn to curious things and emptiness laden imagery. i no longer excuse myself, it's who i am. what you see, and all that...

this is not dulwich picture gallery. it is the back of belair house
incredibly lucky with dry weather, the skies were often many shades of grey. so the one afternoon on the grass in dulwich gallery grounds was a proper treat.

potato and leek soup in the upstairs restaurant at wellcome collection
i managed to draw, paint and write, much as i had envisaged, which means i did take a lot of breaks. i need the breaks like the air that i breathe. 

upstairs gallery at foyle's
i also discover that my next holidays will not be in the UK. i think i will travel south bound, and in wintertime. yes, i think so. i crave new grounds.

breakfast bus on margate seafront. no, i didn't try it
all of it, again, you find here. please, feel free to join me on my pretty much chronological account. i got so inspired after all. cheerio. ♥


  1. I got so inspired by you, traveling lady!
    For travel and for blogging again. To open the horizon, the space, to crave new grounds. One day...
    I'll be back later at your chronological account ;-)
    Hugs and kisses, A.

  2. Welcome back! Traveling always does my soul good! Learning new things, seeing Gods wonders, and opening my eyes.

  3. Great pics! Love the belair place.
    Flickr seems to have some trouble loading, I'll come back and have a look when it is working somewhat better.