on the power of a daily project

today's lunch happened in the local park. pink cherry blossoms in early stage
my present instagram daily project isn't my first one. i've done 365 house fronts before. i've written a word a day, a thought a day and once upon a time, even, a poem a day. 

lemon twigs in concert last thursday | neighbours' garden's blossoms
a great advantage of the diverse presence of social media these days is that it's the best guardian angel to make sure the job gets done: gently urging for a daily post. 

lemon twigs in concert last thursday | curb flowers on my way to mums'
because if you don't, you fall behind. and when you fall behind, you get stressed out. and when you do, there's no more fun to be had in a daily performance of any kind. 

an instagram post preview | my today's homemade lunch
i've wanted to practice painting skills, since i started (on september 17th, well over half way then), and that's exactly what happened. i practice(d). every. single. day. well, maybe not. 

home countries.. near childhood railway station
i do tend to paint mornings or afternoons, thus preparing a week's worth of posts, so i can publish each morning and pay attention to the annotations. 

a sneak peek at a drawing | some shadows (!) on parked truck
just like the house fronts in 2014, i think i'll be happy to get to the end of this and then perhaps see what's next. well. i know what's next. painting school is next! ☺ 

home countries meadow
sometimes i wonder, how it happened i didn't know all of this when i was younger. but it's dark waters, and i'd rather stick to today and perhaps, tomorrow? 

have a fantastic week ahead! ♥