last week

playing around with houses cut-outs on a painted background
much in the spirit of last weekend's blog post, i would like to share another one of my weeks past. it's been a busy one, with too many office days, not enough creative ones.

page from travel notebook. i will come back to that next week
i was limited to sketching on the commuter train, which is messy but doable. a few brush strokes do have the power to wipe away a cumbersome day.

a bigger backgrounds map, carefully assembled digitally
in the studio i've been working away on a map of the area i live in. it is a long time project, which is putting it mildly. i managed to scan the map into my computer. 

the cut-outs (photocopies)
this has opened up all sorts of opportunities, in that i will be using cuttings from the 2014 daily project and 2016 exhibition to play around with on the scanned map. 

one of four
i'm also into the four seasons series again. i hold autumn in my hand, but am happy to work out spring and summer now. these will most probably become a set of postcards.

next, or simultaneous move would be to somehow work out my tinyWOOLFalphabet i've been building up and produce eye catching postcards using the bespoke letters.

a few weeks ago i picked up a few twigs. today they kind of flower, this is from a few weeks ago
in a distant future i will come round to my present daily project and work out designs, tapping into the portfolio i have build the past year. there's a rhythm now, it seems.

have a fantastic week ahead! ♥


  1. Gotta love rhythms! Its great to see your work a fitting together so well. Happy Easter to you, Nadine! xoxo ��