pattern concept, power sleep, death and birth

starting out, digging inspiration, draw
i've been learning from my daily drawings. returning to the drawing table on a set time keeps the habit going and loosens up my wrist, while my imagination and skills get a daily fresh start. 

pull in the real thing
at their worst however, my drawings feel static and i search for ways to liven up compositions. i enjoy a frill or two but don't take kindly to too much romance. 

being careful, yet loose
i want colour and composition to hone in on one another, all while i find a message attractive and the addition of a quirky element enthralling. i aim for impact but i also think beauty should prevail. 

trying out backgrounds
those dilemmas and conundrums frequently hold me in a tight grip. sometimes they gain power and lock me down into hideous self doubt. i try to go with the flow instead of resisting however.

unhappy with backgrounds, enlarging the page
i may then stumble upon a few good nights sleep and quite surprisingly i discover what the pattern is and how i'm going to translate all the separate bits into a whole picture.

even more unhappy with backgrounds, now watering down the dots, et al

one of my fixations in visuals is anything trellis: carved garden fences, elegant plant rhizomes (= roots, but i just LOVE that word, don't you?), skeletal tree shadows in winter landscapes. 

it's a birth of a myosotis flower, our late neko's († 2014) favourite
i will come back to those things that drive me. for now, a study of myosotis or the elegant forget-me-not. they've come up in the garden, after we missed them last spring. 

enjoy sunday, and have a fantastic week ahead! ♥


  1. Well, my friend, your self doubting voice needs to shut up!

  2. Oh a good night's sleep is the absolute best medicine in the world! Well done for keeping going. I very often walk away from a painting or sketch when it's not coming together in the way I imagine. Turn that thing upside down and walk away from it! When you come back, it's with fresh eyes. :D