corner view ≈ [thank you my] time

no moving pictures to this video, just a frozen reflection upon time.

mannequin, singer, comedian, writer, poet and master in medieval and renaissance music, boston-born ANN STEEL had more than one idea up her sleeve, when arrriving in italy in 1979, to produce a one-off record alongside avant garde composer Roberto Cacciapaglia.
over to jane's timeless corner view, dorte's pick of the week, hosted by francesca.


  1. I never heard of her....and now I have! ;-)

  2. haha, never met her before!
    thank you for sharing! ;o)

  3. always a funny time here:)
    wishing you a happy week,
    thanks for your lively and fun coments with music marks and hearts,
    sorry about my other e-mail address (only the is working in the moment), and thanks for giving me your messages via comments. now my computer is back but I can't find the 'hearts', I know they must be in here somewhere, will hope to have the heartmarks back soon, some smiles in the meanwhile (yeah, a rhyme!),
    :), :),:)))

  4. Cute! Thanks for the smiles. xo

  5. You did it again introduced us to someone new and funky, love her voice!
    p.s. your new header is amazing!

  6. ah, jouw "quirky" belg!
    had nooit van gehoord. bedankt!

  7. She's awesome :)
    (And from my adopted state of Massachusetts, too! Better yet :)

  8. thanks for that! it will be a real gift for my husband, he is crazy about this sort of music.

    i am sorry about the e-mail. my husband and i have decided to keep such things at the minimum, meaning we only have one phone - his, but in fact it belongs to his job, and only one e-mail address, which is his work address as well and all his co-workers get to see everyone else's correspondence. not that they are particularly nosy, but they just have to check all that mail so i think it would not be a good idea.

  9. I can't see the video... i'll try later! But thank you for the discovery.

  10. my time, in Italy, nonetheless! :)

  11. Ouch! Sometimes my head hurts.

    I hope your toe is healing! :)

  12. I like the song :D

    Hope your toe is better now ... were watching your previous posts while listening to the song!