dive into the cupboard and ...

chicken soup and peppered cream cheese on toasted bread chunks
one road yummy cookbooks effortlessly lead me onto is larder cupboard fun. i don't know what it is, or why. but i'm looking at mouth watering recipes and a mechanism inside my head goes off and screams, what shall we do with what we've got anyway? this time around i remembered i had some dry mushroom soup in one or other container. too right, only it turned out to be chicken. i fried a small onion and a sliced cornichon into a little olive oil and added some leftover marinated artichoke and a good few turns of freshly grounded black pepper. while snapping the coriander off the life saving plant in the window sill, i grabbed some left over cream from the fridge and poured this in, after i'd added the obligatory cup of water and dry soup sachet. the result? a surprisingly healthy tasting little gem of an instant soup! do try this at home, chances are you will be surprised.


  1. Wow, Kers♥ that really looks delish! I wish I could be adventurous with the food in my larder...if I had some!
    I have stories to tell...gonna write some for the blog and facebook when I get a chance soon. I've been in the twilight zone this week!

  2. Pretty impressive for 'instant'!
    ♥(and speaking of instant, I borrowed your instant heart)

  3. but of course, the best meals are those made from your own improvised recipes, and using just what you already have on hand makes them even better.

    as the next corner view theme is "what's for lunch", is this a coincidence or are you missing corner view so much?

  4. I'm a food lover so every single picture you post about food turns my mouth wet. Artichokes...hmmmm

    I already have two small beautiful things for you kept on my room locker. I promise to have it finished before the end of June (sorry, those are -unfortunately- my first free days after this year).
    Big kisses nadine, you're a sweetheart!

  5. So glad to see your kitchen in use - next time, lasagne! :)
    I just noticed the new antler banner, you know how to have fun!