sticks and stones

do your remember the small world melody in disneyland? i'm sorry for reintroducing that chime back into your subconscience, but when sometimes visiting a place, that doozie tune coughs its way back up.

not to say that the STA•M city museum in ghent stands in any way proof to it all just being a small world, nor does it ring disney bells... but when you get the feeling it's all been made for a purpose, and it's held there along a well designed plan, discovery is pure heaven. (pardon my seemingly metaphysical intro).

anyway. sun flooding, wind blowing non existently, friends' laughter brazing medieval stone. just to say, besides renovating, we're so having a break too ... ☻ there's the museum walk here. do treat yourselves to the slideshow.


  1. hi nadine, it is truly a small world. i am literally living off the map at the tip top of australia, and i met a fellow from north carolina just yesterday living here. our vet is also from montana. what are these people doing here i wonder!?!?
    ps. i do like your sentence 'brazing medieval stone'. nice. x

  2. Ack! That SONG! But I'll forgive you for it, since you took me on such a lovely museum tour. You took some great photos. Some faves:

    1. red picnic tables by the pool and red chairs in the tea room.

    2. lovely shots of light spilling through windows and onto floors...

    3. floor tile detail.

    4. the swan.

  3. i enjoyed your lovely day out! thx nadine! xo

  4. So amazing I love the face and how it changed...I hope your doing well.
    I was up so late last night couldn't sleep, I thought of you wondering if you were snoring!
    Have a wonderful Easter, stinker!

  5. Great photography, Kers♥, but I have always hated that song...thanks for choking me with it! hahahaha

  6. I loved "Its a Small World" as a child!
    Sometimes Corner View reminds me of that song and that ride, it sounds corny but true.
    I carried my heart here--♡
    and left it for you!

    The museum looks great, I like your photos, sounds like you enjoyed the trip.
    Like "Its a Small World" in a grown up sophisticated incarnation?

    Happy Weekend adventures!

  7. A recipe for a great day together with friends. Happy weekend - xo