on wearing a sock to bed {renov# 20}

if one stays at it the whole time, then the least you're ending up with is some kind of result. all while working on that result, i found myself crossing off stuff from my to do list. okay. 

if only i'd worn these boots two pic's down.
so the white on the walls could do with one more lick of paint (i'm telling myself i need to adjust to white first, and if ever i wanted another colour then the last white coat is optional. right). because before i started painting, i had to plaster, and sand, and plaster, and sand, and i'd just about had it with the flaming dust creeping everywhere.

ha. sorting out. me love.
while son was in berlin last week, i did manage to cram it all in (would have to give up the lease of his room anyway). then came the huge moment of building the bed, which had already been sitting in its cardboard boxes since last november (when we couldn't move into the house). i unwrapped the parts, had fun, until one bed wing fell on my bare footed toe.

i wailed, i screamed. no tears, it was simply too painful. i woke up son with my bawling, looked at his disheveled hairdo that stood in all directions, and burst out in a bitterly painful laugh. thus i wore a sock to bed for protection, on my first night on the delightfully hard matrasses on the queensize bed, which also, hmm, seems to have rather filled up the room. are you in for a short follow up, right from the very start? then walk the gallery with me, chronologially.

september 2010
the rain of the previous night
seeped in through a hole in the plastic,
torn by the wind.
october 2010
bare roof still
organised disorder
october 2010
one window in,
another one to go,
insulation not yet covered
october 2010
ol' chimney gone and filled up with plaster
no ceiling as yet
april 2011
'seemed to have filled the place',
simon&garfunkel no sole proprietors to the phrase ...
april 2011, well, last night
celebratory meal of
left over cheese pizza with three veg
 'to bed, to bed',

what a feeling


  1. Ouch!
    I'm sorry for you, so sorry, dear Nadine.

    Last Easter we have the same composition, but other parts: One bed wing fell down on my sons toe. He can't scream - he was under shock, but then...He cried, cried. When I read your story and see that picture, I've got it in my ears... May I tell you that my husband went with him to the hospital and the doctor put a little driller and made 2 holes in the toenail... On that way the pressure slacked - and my son was happy! (The doctor said next time my husband should take a driller by his own...!)

    AND: You have such a marvellous place for your bed! And what a metamorphosis of that room - amazing!
    All the best for you.
    x Ariane

  2. crap that hurts! hang in there!
    p.s. it´s looking good! can´t wait to see more. :)

  3. can i say "ouch!" and "hurrah!" in the same sentence?

  4. ouch love! ....but.....i am loving that bedspace. you can totally see if the martians are landing. xxx

  5. Lasagna would have been more celebratory:) Sorry for the toe, I too would have woken up the whole house with my bawling. The room with the big bed, though, looks well worth it: what a transformation!

  6. ouch!!! that´s painful, poor you!

    but the place looks so nice- it´s a dream space to sleep!

  7. I learned from my friend long ago...never clean or move the furniture around with out your shoes...Do I remember that when I want to hoist some big hulking piece of furniture...of course not. OUCHHHHHH...your poor toenail will be black for months! OUCHHHHYYYY. I did love the chronicological gallery photo tour, though...(I know I didn't spell chronicalogical right)

  8. That bed looks so inviting ,but poor little toe :(
    Goed om te zien hoe je het daar toch maar allemaal voor mekaar krijgt(de afwerking en inrichting bedoel ik dan) X

  9. nice work done there, the before and now photos look like two different worlds. just the other day i commented to my husband on our nice hard matress - nothing better for tired bones.

    i have lost several toenails in various accidents, sometimes they just flew off, disgusting, yes. luckily they grow back. but i was told on one occasion to drill a hole through my black toenail to relieve the pressure and pain, but i could not bring myself to do it and survived anyway ;).

  10. oh, your toe!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery,
    and wow, your place is looking
    good, good luck with the work, I'm so impressed with your skills
    I don't go so close to drills,
    want to leave you a good poem,
    but I've just gotten home
    from a short but fun trip
    and my jet lag is taking over my sense of poetry!!
    happy week to you,

  11. Your poor toe but look at the progress I'm so proud of you your a diva in the fixit put it together world!! bravo now a little salmon and wine, your poor toe!

  12. Your house is going to be so beautiful! I already love your room with the light streaming through that high window. But I'm so sorry about your toe... that looks painful :(