drawing | map

map of belgium on bathroom wall
in the middle brussels, far west the north sea
treasures found, scribbled along the borders

i had it all mapped out in my head, both intention and execution. then friday happened and a fresh pair of helping hands were offered, well into saturday. those friend's hands i simply could not refuse. it means the bathroom walls got done, big time. it also means the map stayed at bay, until i decided to create it, the temporary way. as in jotted down, like we oftentimes do, with explanatory maps. i reached for my crayon and scribbled an unfinished wall, 

 turtle dove grey
until m. strikingly rolled it into nirvana. it is an itinerary of sorts, a pleasant route bell and i drove, just three days ago, on our thrifting adventure. now i go hop-skipping along, exploring the rachel way. 


  1. Dear Nadine,
    with Latte Macchiato I've read a mag this sunday morning...about 'Flamant'. I asked myself if all the pretty shades of grey are typical belgium? Because of the North Sea, maybe?

    Then I've found your mysterious treasure map...I would like to come and find these treasures!
    (1993, Antwerpen was the capital of culture, I found the orange station-clock in a smaller size...its hanging now in our kitchen to this day.)
    Your at home at Flanders? What is your first language, Nadine?

    I really like the idea of Generations after you will find your map under the turtle dove grey...

    All the best for you, renovating Nadine,
    xo Ariane.

  2. I love the idea of drawing maps on the walls, then painting over them once they have been travelled,
    making room for new adventures.
    May your rooms be places for new adventures, quiet inward ones or the ones that use your feet to take you on worn or undiscovered paths.

    Meanwhile I travelled here to test my new whole heart:

    It Worked!!Thank you Ai, n, Al,
    there it is, my newly repaired heart, you work wonders on walls and
    hearts (how about that for your slogan?!!)

  3. your map is excellent and eternal! it must feel good to have made some progress on the house. can you come and work on our house in LA? I'll meet you there in 10 days!

  4. now this really is something! i would not have the heart to paint it over.

    in our bedroom, dark blue plaster is peeling off- actually the kids started it and after many not-so-calm words finally stopped. i thought i would paint something on it, but i didn't know what. thanks to you, now i know- an island in the dark-blue sea.

  5. oh too bad about the map! but sometimes the maps we carry inside our heads are just as beautiful and compelling as the ones we manage to get down on some flat surface....

  6. Kers♥ You know I love that map wall....so glad you got a photo for me before it went into nirvana!♥

  7. Love the map wall, love to have one in my kitchen so I could travel and cook at the same time!

  8. Turtle dove gray would make an interesting wall. Happy Easter week, hope you have some real vacation/time off!

  9. love maps, i really do.
    yours is special and will stay there, under beautiful turtle dove grey, in nirvana, forever ;)

  10. I have a little notebook where as I travell I draw maps, and draw little pictures and write...No enough walls at home for so many travelling ideas.

  11. I want that blue grey in my house, it's so precious! And the map of treasures on the wall is now like a secret map.
    @Ariane: I'm convinced that blue-grey shades are a Belgian speciality because of the sky, sometimes a really heavy sky, sometimes more interesting than a uniform light blue sky ;-)