corner view ≈ rough

browning palmate leaf
sticks to the graveled concrete
woe betide - rough death
jane's corner view
francesca's hosting
beth's theme


  1. rough and soft, I like it!
    mailing you today!
    hugs barbara bee

  2. How romantic! It is the Autumn falling down? :) Have a nice day!

  3. Love the contrast! Have a great week on your corner!

  4. I love the transition of leaves in fall, were still pretty green over here, I'm convinced Mother nature is a bit bi-polar ;)

  5. I like your 'spin' on this and esp. your comment "rough death". Cute.
    It wasn't till I read your comment that i realized I could have stacked all the stuff I have to grade and taken a pic of it for 'rough'. Oh well. I had to leave school right after the last bell for an appt. or I might have thought of that. :>)

  6. Well, that's poetic. Autumn's coming and there's no way around that.
    In contrast, something very lively happened here today. My way home led me along a shop window, where a little something caught my eyes and instantly called for you. The perfect gift, I swear! Unfortunately it costs a fortune, but I'll keep it in my mind and maybe lend the idea... ;-)
    Anyway, my thought went to you, earlier. That was the essential I wanted to tell. Goodnight :-)

  7. Ooo such a cool artsy picture. And I love the little poem too. :)

  8. Rough but beautiful!! Have a nice day!

  9. Life is often rough ...
    wow, I'm almost a poet.... ;)

  10. Wonderful! I racked my brain trying to think of something physically rough... and missed what was right under my nose... er feet.

  11. Hello,
    It looks like a tough life. I hope the leaf will soar high up soon!
    Have a good weekend!

  12. Well, I am past due for a pedicure :-)