drawing | cookie{s}

to my knowledge they are either made in belgium or france, but do correct me if i'm wrong. to be frank, as long as they taste just the way a cookie should : like childhood. {and to be true; the drier, the better}. 

stefanie's theme this weekend. ... and let's face it, there's nothing above the real fox thing... ☺come on over and bon appétit


  1. oh,oh, oh... I want to eat each of your cookies (♥♥♥), but the last one is the greatest! tiny-woolf-cookie!!! you should go in series production!!!

  2. delicious post my dear!
    I adore the cookie woolfie!!
    thank you x stefanie

  3. Nice drawings. And your fox (woolf?) is great. - eric

  4. Wonderful! Great drawings, photos & wolf cookie!

  5. I love your cookie drawings. Did you get to eat each one after you drew it---as a reward for excellence in art?

  6. a woolf-cookie!! ;^))
    i like, i like
    i like them all
    and who cares where they come from
    it's always time for cookies

    fine weekend!

  7. love your sketches! so many wonderful kinds!
    love your fox mold, such a fun cookie!

  8. Hi Nadine, I like your assortment of cookie drawings and to me it is clear that drawing all this houses this year led into a improvement of your drawings skills, that is totally awesome! The woolfy form is that from ikea? Cause I have the same!
    Ox barbara bee

  9. mmm, I don't know with one to choose, ok I'll take them all. You put the lines from your houses into your cookies I see. The drawings are so clear. (helder, duidelijk). The woolf is great. x Joke

  10. I don't know where all those cookies come from, but I tell you, where they're going...haha!! Directly into my stomach!! ;-)
    Apart from that foxy woolf-cookie, because who would really bite this beautiful creature's head off?! Let me tell you, I spent my day in Belgium today (time for the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps again) and what else could I bring along than cookies (and wafers and chocolate cream and...)? ;-)
    Happy week and month and else!

  11. the Prince-cookie is our Mamakeks in the Castle at the Eisenbach, dear Nadeschda,
    my favorite cookie.. over years now. You will find it here one day...

    Your drawings and bakery are so sweet!


  12. taste like childhood - yes - for me the prince please.

  13. Yum! Love the drawings of the cookies. Nice still life also -- the rolling pin, flour, and cookie cutter. Nice touch (perspective). :>)

  14. Awesome!- I want one....or maybe two ;)

  15. nadine!!!!
    ik heb het gedaan
    vandaag opende ik mijn etsy-winkel

    en dikke xx

  16. Lol, you've got the best cookies there Nadine. :D I want to find a wolf cookie cutter now. I've got moose and deer and beaver and caribou and grizzly bear, so now I need a wolf.

  17. these drawings make me smile. they would look so great on cards.
    hope all is good.
    have been thinking about you.

  18. Wow, many cookies. I like your cookie drawing and I have to say that I like that dish looking retro. I feel like the dish is messaging something to me!!!
    Have a good weekend,Nadine.

  19. hello, you… i am here, again, after a month of not blogging… again. and i adore your wolfie cookie. wishing i could eat one, but happy enough to view it in all it's glory :)