something happened in ghent

last week b. and i peddled into ghent, to stop at the design museum, 
a place 
i've been longing 
to go to. 
we had soup and pasta for heartening starters, 
because the weather was abominable. 
from raindrops to ocean waste seemed like a short distance in the last few days of a sinking exhibition 
on what all ends up in our oceans, by human arrogance. 
in itself, beautiful as displays can be, the truth behind it far less charming. 
could you live in a historic building such as this one? i know i could. 
that is, however, not gonna happen. x


  1. oooh.....
    nadine, again such a beautiful place
    i LOVE old buildings
    and the exhibition looks great
    thsoe plastic bottles.... beautiful and yet
    like you wrote 'less charming'

    dag! en
    wat ik was ik graag mee geweest!


  2. Wow! What a wonderful building-how lucky you are to live somewhere that has so many wonderful historic buildings! The ocean waste=-how awful and sad it is!

  3. These days I more often wonders about men , dear Nadeschda. And how more great it is to know people who see the beauty against {in} all odds. Well, I could live in such an old building for sure... you know!

    ♡ Ariane xoxx

  4. such a fun idea for your post
    such interesting glimpses
    and then.... something happened ;-)

  5. You seem to have a good day despite the bad weather. I like antique building, I like the view from the window in the 10th image. I’d like to live in antique building with installing somewhat of modern convenience. But in Japan renovation of old architecture is sometimes more costly than building a new one. The drifted ocean waste reminded me of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami which shattered the community and too many personal belongings were washed away to the ocean and reached somewhere on the current. Have a good week.


  6. Hello,Nadine!
    This is such a beautiful place! Every close up image makes my heart something thrilling.( ^)o(^ )!!
    Especially the ninth is my favorite.
    Have a good new week.