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when the ladies get undressed, they end up being naked for a long time, in my house. it is the strangest self observation, i seem to be quite into limbs. i buy dolls, undress them, i disassemble them and then i put them away. is that weird? 

i thought i'd take some inspiration from my friday's walk through raindrops and whispy winds. well, actually, perhaps i didn't.

let's face it, i shall not ever be a clothes designer. but i had a great time folding, laying down limbs and putting them away again. enjoy the weekend! i'm off myself, to 'cartoon school' no less. patrice's challenge this weekend will have us all dressed up to the nines... where's the part-eeeeeh... .   


  1. hello darling-
    so love the way you think. have a great weekend. i´m finally getting out of the house and bringing my camera. happy days. wishing you lots of inspiration for today´s class. (sounds really cool btw)
    big hugs my dear

  2. Dismemberment and undress.
    A very intriguing interpretation of the theme this weekend!

  3. ;^))))
    i love you and your head full weird ideas
    yes, it is a bit strange to buy dolls, undress and disassemble them
    and then put them away, but i like your weirdness
    a lot!
    and now you have a fine new image for facebook ;^))

    fijn weekend!

  4. Wherever your creativity takes you dear n.ha-to* , its always intriguing to see!

    *n ha-to is the dismembering of the `heart` into its counter-parts that need to be typed in in order for the heart to appear!
    Lots of love♡and a happy weekend !

  5. fun to hear about your dolls
    taking them apart
    and not dressing them
    you have inspired me to look for a doll - in a thrift shop
    bring it home and take it apart ;-)

  6. Ho ho Nadine! I too love you and the way your brain works!
    Your un-dress is fantastic. xo Carole
    Happy week to you.

  7. It is fun of all different parts. Finally, the girl looks happy with its wig!
    Have a good day!

  8. Yes it's weird and funny. You're sure you don't eat them:) - eric

  9. HA! to Eric above ;)
    but I get it too Nadine- there is something about pieces and parts
    that is inexplicably fascinating- like secret artifacts from some archaeology site
    trying to figure out the clues to how it all fits together- your just taking it one step further
    by taking it apart first :)

  10. let´s call it woolfie-weird.
    ever thought about at least any underwear? happy to welcome you next weekend x Stefanie

  11. ...and I had a great time watching your pictures...

  12. Fascinating hobby/habit you have with the dolls. I still like dressing my granddaughter's Barbies with her.
    What kind of plant is that? It looks like exotic and a bit whacky! :>)

  13. Just the right kind of weird to be an excellent student at cartoon school. Hope we get to see the results of your studies.

  14. Ha ha, I've got the opposite problem. One old doll from the Czech Republic has fallen apart and I need to put it together. Maybe I should send her to you for reverse engineering. :D

  15. that taking dolls apart ... must be the halloween spirit in you :)

  16. Oh, I saw you as you bought a doll, dear Nadeschda,
    that doll from the fleamarket... in Brussels! I am right, you know, you only left the head?... One day you put all that pretty pieces together, naked or dressed (underwear?)... or not, who knows?! Love it!
    Love you
    xoxx Ariane of Rose

  17. Absolutely not strange but utterly charming. I loved this post!!! I have dolls to repair.