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yesterday an acquaintance reminded me of a communal visit to the astounding BLOOMSBURY exhibition in roubaix (F), a few years back. {sorry no relevant exhibition link survived those few years}.
east sussex
if we're talking swoon this weekend, then that perfect visit sure was a hit {if ever you are in the north of france region, the city of lille and the museum LA PISCINE in neighbouring town roubaix should not be missed}.

this morning as i took breakfast, i happened to rest my gaze on a vintage miniature figurine that hadn't made its way up to the studio yet, and i thought, these figurines always look happy, jolly, enthralled, like, they swoon. why don't i .... 

.... serve 'em right up on a plate, for the occasion? ☻ tammie proposed swoon for drawing challenge theme this weekend. go check that out. ☺ river update


  1. een hummeltje, zo worden ze genoemd en ik wist dat niet.

  2. They do look happy. So are you going to draw them?

  3. I like the pictures---the woman's face and hair is esp. cool and I think your 'still life' of a breakfast table is great! :>)

  4. Yes Nadine, she makes me think about The Sound of Music. The songs, very sweet, the movie, less. So that's your breakfast, that something different than a bruine boterham met kaas, it sure looks swoon. xxx Joke.

  5. i love that plate of figurines, they look so perfect all together.
    I would enjoy that museum.... maybe one day.
    thank you for joining us!

  6. ;^))
    those sweet figures
    i remember them from long ago
    that sweet boy swooning over, what? abird? ;^))
    and your breakfast looks great!

    love Papiermolenstraat 29 september

  7. I like that painting, it captures such a quiet moment.

    have a great day.

  8. I do like that arrangement Nadine. Well done. My (honorary) aunt collected a bunch of these type of figurines and especially the Hummel children ones. I always thought they were lovely and definitely swoon-worthy. :D Big hugs for a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hi,Nadine,
    The first painting is so energetic. I think, the most Japanese remember the great artist Taro Okamoto. I like the second painting too. It is quiet and detailed.

  10. I love your idea for displaying figurines! They look so great!!!!