after blossfeldt

[image : soulcatcherstudio]
i have been in awe with the work of karl blossfeldt, ever since i leafed through a biography in my auntie’s back garden. i’m mentioning the exact location, because i do associate his work with the place where i initially found myself immersed. in the garden i was surrounded by plants, the focal point of the former iron caster/sculptor. and is his work for real?

[image : christopher wahren fine photographs]
thoughts on his minute photography started me off wondering what it is i like so much about these images. it is the stark, neutral back grounds, for sure. it is the sharp precision of the detailed images. it’s the philosophy behind the subject : nature’s standing inspiration for modernist architecture (i find). it’s the fact that blossfeldt considered himself an amateur photographer throughout his life. some gusto!
[image on the left : fine rare prints]
after the wondering, the carving happened quickly. since i am not in possession of the best camera to scrutinize the miniature world that surrounds us, i had to come up with something else to unleash my built up eagerness to perform. putting the surgeon’s knife to the test, into smooth eraser density e.g., came in as a close second. now i just have to dream up places and space for printing. i’ve got a summer ahead of me to do that (after kick-off renovation, cooking, chores and blogging is done). huh?

further browsing: please visit the GERMAN ARCHIVES for blossfeldt's appropriately called WUNTERGARDEN DER NATUR (wonderous garden of nature), for inspiration on what we do not necessarily notice at first glance, and IS. always.


  1. I, too, associate my surroundings with the object of my desire~be it photography or poetry or prose. I used to read Shakespeare while in high school out in the back garden, tucked under the big tree, all alone until the twilight stole the image from my eyes. It is a happy place to go they say...go to the happy place in your mind. Love the Blossfeldt images.

  2. Floating thru your blog, I have to is soo interesting..I'd just like to get into your mind and look around a bit!

  3. Totally beautiful and inspiring. What materials did you use for carving? Thanks for the archive link, I'm heading over.

  4. Love this photographer very much...
    and wonderful to see what you are inspired to work on...