newly hooked

Contrary to the ardent crocheting that is also going on, i turned to drawing for the night. and then had a dream about it, naturally. This illustration is part of a project called THE SIMONETTA EXPERIMENTS, based upon a series of italian girly books from the seventies, of which my favourite one is ROBI AND THE ETRUSCAN NECKLACE (pictured above). I am not cladding the ROBI, but vintagely buying all the others and doing them up. The book I’m working in at the moment is called SIMONETTA, hence the title of the project.

This subtitle page was called LONELY, so I can only guess that that is the reason why I drew a barren tree in high summer...


  1. Oh your tree pic is very well done! Wish I could draw like that... Great job!

  2. I loved all your photos. They were beguiling.

  3. i too wish i could draw! that tree is beautiful, i feel the loneliness. gorgeous! : )