lo and behold

the inner self needs to be fed. there’s quite a bit of images accumulating in my virtual food box, so i’m unleashing them in case you want to whip up something quickie. like we seem to be doing a lot of these days. i’m thinking, no explanatory pages needed, unless you were wondering. then just give us a shout.

double bill goat’s cheese on rye, any goat’s cheese you can get your hands on, spruced up with a few green olives from verona, herbs of your choice and balsamico reduction (from a bottle, you know!)

salad, cheese and asparagus on swedish toast, balsamico again! i’m a sucker.

tuna pasta, served on FLOW (dutch magazine). any leftovers marry well in this pasta salad. don’t forget the tuna. (i added raw red onion slices for extra kick.) oh, and plenty of black pepper, and perhaps a pinch of cayenne.
en smakelijk


  1. YUM!
    I wish I could speak Dutch, That mag looks really interesting. My Mum and her family migrated from Holland in the late fifties and we spoke a little growing up, but not anymore :)