beast(l)ie times and get funky!

in our days, we hung about in the local youth club. i guess what i’m trying to say is we ruled, else we made ourselves believe we did, any youth would at some point. one sunny sunday afternoon, nothing to do, nowhere to go, we put on license to ill, very appropriate for the stage we were (stuck) at. rural flemish countryside, beastie boys blaring from giant speakers… i remember putting on side a, followed by side b (yes, dearies, gramophone!), plain sailing, no stopping, nothing short of they shoot horses… i know! i’m a little amazed myself. if bell were here, she’d frown. she’d smile. she’d say, macho girl! and i would smile back. innocently. and put on hey ladies! instead, of which the original score has been emi-banned in our country (i can’t believe this – i can’t offer you *f*u*n*!). i think we’re being seriously sabotaged!

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  1. I want to know if those are actual pictures of your selves? If they are then that is exactly what I thought you would look like. I love those photos!xxoo