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duck pool, this ain't no river
it is my dream to visit a particular, american river in 2014 [at the earliest]. i dream of luxuriating on a small boat, letting my hand cut gently through cooling water, sailing underneath gigantic aluminum foliage. do you follow? ☻ 

geraardsbergen, abbey parc
wash my soul in the transience of time. immerse and move. move along the ripples of the mighty arkansas river, somewhere between salida and canon city, co (usa). dreaming a fable.  

over the river christo's latest project
on show 2014, at the earliest

[environmental] artist christo, along good tradition, has been working on his next project for many years now. unfortunately without his life long partner in both work and love, jeanne-claude (read excellent article here), i first learned about his most recent plans in 2007. the exhibit would run for two consecutive weeks in the summer of 2011. it won’t happen just yet. waiting on environmental permits allowing his installation process to lift off, the project postpones further from materialising.

over the river
the promise of near to six miles of silvery, luminous cloth paneling above the arkansas river cutting through rural landscape, gleaming brightly towards the sky while filtering the light underneath, for any willing spectator to take part in... it doesn't half sound like a heavenly dream to me.

how about you? oh, and by the way, here's this week's contribution to our drawing circle. a little on the modest side, for in shadows i walk, humble i reside. oh. and splash i do. in rivers, in dreams...

in the meantime i'm guessing we've all experienced blogger's recent gigantic muck-up (not wanting to put too fine a point on it). but hey-ho, they're fixing, as we speak. i am still missing some comments. so, if you can't find your name amongst those dreamers below, do please e-mail me. then! go! dream! ♥

patrice, susanna, ariane, (pascale), rachel, julia, stephanie, hannah, elisabeth...

further note to all : last week i happened to communicate two themes in one go to elisabeth. if nobody steps in or up this weekend, could we agree on next week's theme being hand? i have a good reason for proposing a hand... i simply cannot draw 'em! desiring to exercise those fingers, and then some, wanna give us a hand?


  1. oh,dat eerste plaatje..zo mooi!
    De rest ook,hoor..maar die takken met dat blauw erachter...:)

  2. wauw....
    all just beautiful
    christo's project (I remember Paris)
    the images
    your drawing
    fine, fine post Nadine!
    I will post mine this afternoon

  3. maybe I will meet you there, nadine! christo is amazing. i first saw his work with the yellow umbrellas ( as a teenager) along a beautiful stretch of highway near our home. I'll never forget it.
    and your river with swirling landscape is dreamy and perfect!

  4. nadine, this will be very close to my house! please come stay with us! wouldn't that be fun?!
    Cristo - big dreamer! He sees the world and art from above. amazing!
    now i am dreaming of rivers and the promise of summer! thank you!

  5. Oh, wow, Nadine,
    I remember Christo and Jeanne-Claude's project 1995 in Berlin (Wrapped Reichstag, gorgeous! ...and The Gates, Central Park, NYC in 2005...
    Thank you!

    And: wow, as a dreaming (from above!) pointillist you've stippled a hole river! There are wonderful fresh green trees, also.

    x Ariane.

  6. bella woolf I´m here I´m late I´m an early dreamer.
    and that river
    what a dream!
    I´m a river.

  7. incredible river!!!
    and a great dream to want to go to there!! and you have even been invited...wow!! keep on dreaming!
    i have put my dream on the blog too....!

  8. Hey Momma its me...missed you lots!
    I have so much to catch up with you about.
    How have you been? the house and the book tour?

  9. sometimes dreams do come true... love your stippled river.

    (and hate that i'm still waiting for my comments from last week to be restored... i'll bet those blogger folks are tearing their hair out by now!)

  10. nice dream. 2014 is not too far away.

  11. Beautiful. Christo's work is fascinating. And your text and picture is full of sweet dreams. I'd like to go there to. Wet my hand in that river. I leave this page full of dreams. Of travels, colours, rhythm and paintings.

  12. Just dreamt away the first time I read this post so I had to return once more and oh my, I love your dream. I wish for you it will come true, xx