monday morning coffee break...

... in the best of company. rosamaria kindly offered a piece of ...

... her textiled goodness to dress up an otherwise sober mid morning table. lovely, lovely.

i forgot to mention in last week's post on room and bath and imagination, my original promise to ariane to mention her interpretation of nose job vinnie. (was that a lot of linking? ☻) 
honour to whom honour is due and a promise = a promise. isn't ariane a romantic soul? 

cheers, lovely ladies. salud and prosit! ♥


  1. Monday morning coffee break looks delish...and fishy's not looking to bad either...quite handsome in fact up there atop your blog x

  2. that cake!!!!

    and yes
    Ariana is a romantic soul

    have a fine week!

  3. Oh lovely - what a gorgeous coffee break! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. I love her can you sketch me one I would love her on my art wall!!!!
    she is fabulous!

  5. Very lovely sketch! And i want that coffee-break also with the great textile..can you eat then ?
    Or is it stare and eat :)

  6. Oh, surprise! Hehe, romantic soul, maybe.
    Dear Nadine,
    what a very nice textiled piece of Rosamaria from Mexico! ...delicious piece of cake, too.

    Love, Ariane.

  7. I'm pretty sure that mini quilt is so happy in its new home!... is not 8 am yet and after see your photos I want eat cake!