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i wrote a letter today. long hand. i sat in a cafe at midday and ordered a cherry beer. chatting with the female waiter, who dreamily sulked about 'having ever such a quiet day', i tried to finish the letter in time for the mail van. walking down to the post office i realised i didn't have an envelope, nor the adressee's address on me. so i bought a new pair of shoes instead. soft as butter, comfortable as two hush puppies, you know what i mean. ☻

all kinds of hand scenes have been chasing me this week. i heartily point the finger to tracey's for reminding me of the vital role of ronny cammareri's hand in moonstruck. in the case of this week's drawing challenge i'm confessing that the left hand does not always know what the right hand is doing. the latter is tracing the former in the diary, on the train. proof of that here.

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i'm gladly handing the torch over to someone else now, to pick us an exciting new theme? thank you all for participating ♥ 


  1. Love your hands, couldn't resist, i made an attempt too, have a great weekend, X

  2. Dear Nadine,
    what a wonderful hand writing! Make me want to have a letter from you.
    And we use 'slip' in german for panties...hehe.

    xo Ariane!

  3. i love your hand..such a slacky i am, sorry. (suppose to be icing a turtle cake right now i am..) x

  4. a cafe , a cherry beer and ink dipped quill pen,,,Nadine, i take your hand and am whisked away to a bohemian wonderland! xoxo i love your sketchy hand!

  5. dear nadine, your handwriting is pure beauty!! and the one who will get the letter one day, a lucky person! buying shoes instead of envelopes is just.... sigh! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ julia

  6. Do you know sometimes I'm just so astonished by our common circumstances that I have no words for your posts. I saw a mention to Rembrandt in that lovely handwritten letter you wrote... Does that have to do something with me? :)
    You had me devoted to my email waiting for an answer, and now I'm just relieved that it has been this way.
    I can't wait to get that letter!
    Thank you a hundred thousand times for this and for everything, I promise to reward you!
    I'm sure those shoes must be GREAT! Big kisses and luck for your son in his exams:)

  7. i watched the story of john keats last night. his inky hands held those of his dear fannie. so romantic, the hands, the ink!

    i love your drawn hand. one of my favorite and most challenging body parts to draw. it's almost like drawing a face; so expressive and individual.

  8. wonderful handwriting, so elegant, love your hand!
    thank you for this word, I have so much fun drawing and watching hand scenes all week....
    so funny, buying shoes instead of envelopes!

  9. ha!

    lovely letter and handwriting!!
    great post
    good hand to shake and draw
    Egon Schiele-ish

    but, dear Nadine
    since yesterday I have troubles posting
    but I will try again
    this afternoon or tomorrow
    I hope

  10. Mmmm, your hand drawing is really quite nice. I like the wobbliness of it, it's perfectly imperfect...

  11. I love how you got some shoe shopping in there:)!

  12. How come I always find the picture I wanted to see here? This perfectly imperfect hand. I love it. I always love your work. Filled with sentiment and humour.

  13. Warm, smiley shake to this hand, for taken the challenge, writing a letter and for moonstruck.
    An hand shake with toast of a cherry beer!

  14. Ok Kers♥, I love this photo of your handwriting~and I think I can actually draw a hand...I'll give it a go...just be patient...I'll need some cherry beer though....Ineverheardofit before, though

  15. Oh Nadine, I love so much that kind of days: kriek, letter and universal female behaviour: "i realised i didn't have an envelope, nor the adressee's address on me. so i bought a new pair of shoes instead."
    Always good to read your posts...

  16. Jaja,love your hand and handwriting too!
    I think you have a curious creative soul:)
    Robuuste lijnen,vlot en vrij..waarschijnlijk netzoals..jij ;)

  17. I am glad you left a comment on my blog so that I can find yours. You are right when you said on my post that 3am is equally bad as 4am-- for some reason it has always been about 4am with my little girl. I felt a little guilty after I wrote the post because I realized she was born at 3:53am! So some good things happen near 4am.

    I love your words on your blog header! And this post with the hands is fabulous!! nice to "meet" you!


  18. Books oh books!
    Addendum to my CV of yesterday:

  19. Hi - I'm back in the drawing loop - better late than never - please add me to the list Nadine so that I feel whole once more and part of the group again. I LOVE the HAND theme. I just left a post. And I LOVE your drawing, on thin paper like a wrinkly palm with text coming through. Pictures and text .... pictures and text.... shoes like butter, fitting like gloves....who is next with a theme?? xx

    "...I'm a wolf, you run to the wolf in me, that don't make you no lamb..."
    Ronny Cammareri, Moonstruck.
    (one of the best films of all time)

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao_oNBgxHIc

    and this is one of the best scenes..... ;)