drawing challenge NEW THEME : hand

like i said? i recently communicated two themes in one go to elisabeth... nobody seemed to mind about saturday's theme. so, then, and i promise, after this, i'll keep schtum. [apart from spreading some words, of course....]. give us a hand with hand? ☻

update - promised hands from : elisabeth, ötli, patrice, citlalli, ariane, fru mju, pascale, hagar, julia, rachel, ...


  1. I'm going to have to read back and catch up, love your hand!

  2. I'm in. And hopefully I'll grab a pencil this week. Let the needle and thread rest. Maybe. Or maybe both. Hand it is anyhow!


  3. Beautiful photo. My pencil is sleeping since 1991 :( so... But I see I can draw with a camera!???

  4. I am in!
    hand is a lovely theme
    will try to draw for a change

  5. I'm in,
    interesting and inspiring word!

  6. I always say this but I can't believe you're such an efficient blogger!
    I've finished my exams, there's only the university entrance ones I have to pass and I'll be free!
    And I'm listening to the tracks on your tape right now!
    Can't wait to make the package and send them
    big kisses nandine!

  7. Dear Nadine,
    lots of work...but: I'm in!

    xo Ariane.

  8. oh! i've been crazy busy these last weeks and had no time neither to update my blog nor to draw but summer is just around the corner. thank you for picking a beautiful theme :) count me in! ♥

  9. Is that your hand, Kers♥ Lovely

  10. I'll try to do my "drawing" this evening ;)
    Have a nice day

  11. Great idea, and a beautiful photo...I'll do my best...may be not drawing but hands for sure...

  12. dear nadine, hands sounds good, i'm in.
    ♥ julia (love to steal your little hearts..)