the love, part II

it is heart piercing how the love works, piercing in a good way. i have felt hot and cold in an instant, happy and sad. i am swinging, big time. so many blogfriends have reacted to my sudden cry, while i didn't realize i might be calling for help. from unexpected corners of the world, known and unknown indivduals speak the words that are needed. it is amazing and it keeps me strong. i want to thank you all.

i have come to feel too, that what's happened is tied to that wavy process of letting go. this might be the BIG one, the one in which son stands up and leaves the nest, the one in which the mother steps aside to let her youngster shine, even if the future looks shady. this one is a toughy, but i understand in my head, and i feel in my heart, that this is what is happening. i also need to trust.

in other words, and sent to me by lisa*, i am reproducing an unexpectedly fitting literary passage, from nabokov's 1957 novel PNIN, one that released tears from my eyes.

"Then the little sedan boldly swung past the front truck and, free at last, spurted up the shiny road, which one could make out narrowing to a thread of gold in the soft mist where hill after hill made beauty of distance, and where there was simply no saying what miracle might happen." 

[*lisa, thank you for this. i can't reach you behind the scenes, so i step up front a little. thank you for an effectively powerful allegory.]


  1. Dearest Nadine,
    LOVE to you.
    xo Ariane.

  2. oh jeee...ik heb niet mee gedaan met de drawing en thema...ik denk dat het ietswat teveel wordt...of mag je ook soms meedoen (soms = ene keer wel andere keer niet?)
    --thanks for sharing this love--

  3. i've thought about you and your son today. isn't it grand how we are able to find so many wonderful people on the internet!

  4. Thank you for your cordial acknowledgement. It was very kind of you. And yes, from time to time, I shall very much look forward to visiting your ever so interesting quarters here at woolfenbell.

  5. love and hugs
    so glad we've met
    swinging is better than falling

  6. Your doing the right will see one day! I wish my parents had done this years ago then I wouldn't be 42 and were not talking!
    He will blossom!

  7. Nadine! I am flying out the door - to buy chicken and apples and bread - so this will be quicker than i want it to be - but i needed to tell you that at the same moment I was drawing a wolfman in a business shirt - inspired by our brush with Moonstruck this week - jsut as I was drawing it your comment flew in to my place - at the same moment that I was thinking about you and how I should tell you of my love of all things wolfy - but I have go out on the prowl - will come by in the night .....

  8. It won't be an easy step for me either, when the time comes. thinking of you.

  9. I read so much tenderness in this post...
    Sweet thoughts for you.

  10. this is truly from a mother's heart, it must be hard for you. Take care and God bless you!


  11. Dear Nadin, Sending you love and lot of strength.
    You are full of love and understanding. its hard times, changes are always hard. keep listing to your heart and trust yourself.

  12. I echo Ariane's words: LOVE to you. Things will get better. They already have? Your son will get his exams. You'll be strong. Life is full of surprises and we seem to handle them all in one way or another. And you made me happy today. I totally loved the heart. And I'm in for a challenge. Some week when you don't expect it, you'll get the theme in your mail box.
    Strength to you!

  13. Next week I'll be finishing my university entrance exams and I promise to write you about this thing that I'm living from the opposite side you're in.
    I'm like your son in this process, you know, we're both heading to a new beginning with new people qnd so many new experiences...
    And making a small distance from pur family is the normal thing in this case... Love and lots of love to you... I LOVED you love via mail :)

  14. loslaten
    met liefde
    en armen open
    voor als

    en spannend
    en mooi tegelijk

    LOVE to you

  15. Dear, letting go is an act of love, a love that will always be there and will always be felt.
    In the end everything finds it place and will be allright, big hug, X

  16. I think you made a good decision,
    I know I would have a hard time when my time comes, I have only one child. Good Luck ♥

  17. as the mother of a 21-yr-old, i feel that day nearing, myself... and join with the others here in sending you love.

    p.s. i got a little something in the mail today from a certain someone... see my blog for details ;)

  18. Leaving the nest is tough stuff, for both of you, but your words seem wise and strong. Take care, Denise

  19. It is not easy, as a mother to step aside and to let the children into the world. This is hard, really hard. But I believe that returning the children - after a few years. And in most cases.
    I have to step in front of me and I hope it lasts a long time. Very long.

    I love the first photo, it's so beautiful.

  20. Sometimes the hardest paths in life are the most important to take. This is a beautifully written post my dear and reminds me that love has the power to fuel us during the good and bad times.
    Take care.

  21. thinking of you on reading these posts. it takes a brave person to be a parent. and yes, it's the love that gets us thru. xo