drawing | love

seeking the love. this week... son getting expelled from school for verbal aggression against one teacher. teachers' league letting him down, big time. emergency intervention with headmaster and staff. talking. more talk. debate. consultation. an almost shattered dream (son's final exams). reflection on and consideration of a better fitting solution. rescue remedy. a headmaster with a heart. feeling the love.

ps - which doesn't excuse aggression. but i needed the love, boy did i need the love this week. in a much unexpected way, rachel, you chose one hell of a theme... ☻ and thank you.


  1. So the drawing is straight from the heart!
    I hope you'll get an answer why your son was so frustrated.Or what is going on in his life/mind.
    I wish you lots of courage and love!
    xxx Ingrid

  2. Here have some LOVE and hugs ((((Woolf)))) my son broke a bone in his wrist after upset at school and agression from frustration ensued (not in trouble tho thankfully) .Glad things were sorted out for you and the son.isnt being a mum such fun? lol

  3. sending you lots of love Ms Woolf...sounds like your son is ready to move on to bigger and better things...not long to go now, slay em with brilliant results in your exams Woolfy's son!
    Hang in there x

  4. bless you beautiful. isnt rescue remedy great. x

  5. Love came to the rescue, great. Happy for you and your son and sendng you bunches of LOVE dear Nadine. Growing up isn't always easy but a great mum helps a lot X

  6. Oh gosh. I shall send some big hugs and warm thoughts your way. I'm sure the path will turn towards a brighter destination soon. xx

  7. Dear Nadine,
    Bach flowers of LOVE from a mother. Fighting as a lion!
    The background seems to be from matches... sometimes we're fighting for our love. With power and devotion.
    Your painting is very powerful!
    The palm branch is a symbol for youth and victory, do you know that?

    xo Ariane.

  8. sending you love
    for you
    and your son
    I was there too
    this week
    like you
    frustration of a son

    love your work!!

  9. beautiful drawing and thank goodness for the headmaster... hopefully you'll be able to sort it out soon enough

  10. Oh sweet pea....Its amazing when you can find a teacher who is thoughtful and able to overlook something that a kid would normally never do!
    I think their hormones make them crazy!!!! I had one that was going to walk to town the other night to go to a party we said NO to!!!!
    I may start losing my hair like Hubby so , a big hug to you Momma!

  11. Oh Nadine! I am sorry for what you and your son had to endure this week. If I could give that Headmaster With a Heart a hug, I would!
    Your heart is beautiful, layered, and bursting. And your drawing is nice too. Ahhhh, to LOVE....

  12. Hi Nadine! Coming over through Rachel and the drawing challenge.
    Sorry to hear that you had such a hard week. Sending you some love.
    Love your heart.

  13. Het zit er allemaal in! maar tjonge geen gemakkelijke week zeg..hoofdmeesters met harten, die zijn goud waard!x

  14. "Love" your drawing!
    Sorry about your son, hope it works out ok.

  15. oh! sending some LOVE your way! for you and your son AND for that head master with a heart. and the drawing looks so POWERFUL as a header! ♥

  16. For unusual reasons your post reminds me of a passage from 'Pnin' by Vladimir Nabokov. "Then the little sedan boldly swung past the front truck and, free at last, spurted up the shiny road, which one could make out narrowing to a thread of gold in the soft mist where hill after hill made beauty of distance, and where there was simply no saying what miracle might happen."

    PS. I found you via the very lovely Tracey Sargent.

  17. dankjewel voor je lieve woorden!!
    ben op het moment zo moe van al dat werken
    en het einde nog niet in zicht
    en dan kan het hier knallen
    maar gelukkig is er de liefde!


  18. You are a lovely person...so deserves a lot of love!
    And hope your son will have a succeful final exam!

  19. so glad things worked out... i'll bet he's glad he had you in his corner. growing up is such hard work...

  20. yes! unexpected love still exists. sending more love your way. :)

  21. Can I send you hope and love??? I don't know, but I received both looking at your vibrant drawing!

  22. So sorry to read that. Hope the weekend helped you to understand why the frustration and reaction of your son, what to learn about it and how to deal with it now. To calm down and make the Love stronger. Although it is not easy. Love is not just all you need, it is also, sometimes, just what you have. Big hugs

  23. Sending lots of love to you and to him.

    LOVE your work!

  24. Rescue remedy helped get me through my daughter's teen years! And of course love, the best rescue remedy of them all. Thinking of you and feeling for you! I hope things are going better. Remind me to tell you my tale of woe concerning said daughter and private school. Not a pretty one! But thank goodness for the reflective distance of time! Now we can laugh a bit about it!