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are you
from : the fairies
 anything like me?
from : the cricket and the ant
 do you go wild
from : cinderella
 over fly-leafs
from : fables de la fontaine
(endpapers, if you like)
from : nombres et figures
 in books?
from : mon premier dictionaire
 i go. 
over this here.
from : source unknown

sophie's flea market finds today


  1. !!!!!! i collect children's books and fairytales and these were extraordinarily beautiful! who illustrated the fairies and cinderella here? i've never come across anything like it, i'd frame them..

  2. Love 'em, especially the cricket. Poor little thing trudging throught the snow.

  3. Mooi!!! Vooral the cricket. Heb ook een zwak voor oude kinderboeken.

  4. Oh I do so love children's books illustrations! These are lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog too. I love it when you stop by.

  5. I love these illustrations....help me out with my color question?

  6. I'm now listening to strawberry fields...which I've been singing all week long becaue of you.
    One more of your vintage finds post, about old books belonging to others, you know I think it's magical!

    And about scoubidous I never learnt to do anything with them when I was a child (more than I am now) but I've had them in my mouth braces.
    And seeing them in that amazing package you sent me made me smile :)
    Big kisses Nadine, you're great!

  7. Gorgeous illustrations - especially like those ugly sisters prying and spying!

  8. oh is there anything more intriguing than a fabo end-paper? I love that little rush you get when you crack open a book and find delightful little illustrations inside the front cover. I like all your pics - the last ones have the look of lino prints don't they?

  9. YES! I AM like you! The beauty is in the details like these.

  10. beautiful! i remember some illustrated stories from my childhood - they are in print again now, but with different pictures, and the stories are just not as good and magical as they were with the old illustrations.

    ...about my mother-tongue, it is slovene.

  11. Nice post :) I am... and I keep as treasures the books I read when I was a child...

  12. oh yes I like lovely end papers, especially the very old marbled colours ones. Thank you for reminding us how lovely looking inside books can be♥

  13. A little story in pictures. Fun!

  14. i like the cricket...lovely greetings

  15. I do! Some are just so beautiful and are regretfully destined to be overlooked by some folk! The ones you have picked out are just divine! x

  16. yes. yes. yes. just beautiful. thanks for sharing them.

  17. Gorgeous post,how small things can make your day.X

  18. hello thank you for your very nice comment about my blog...yes that was our house on the header. We sold it a year ago and still all miss it dearly. We are currently renovating an old corner store while we are living in it so we are in the midst of renovations just like you.