drawing | a letter from the alphabet

race against time, almost. and then think up a practical liaison, for i'm a great believer in morris' quote : 'have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful'. i hauled up my simonetta from under layers of dust and saw i'd started on an abc of sorts, a long, long time ago. then i was wondering wether perhaps i could translate any of those preparations into, e.g., a future handmade blog header? i suppose i decided to take the long way home, for i found myself stuck with just the first letter of woolfenbell. anyway. the useful box ticked off, i'm now trying hard turning into a firm believer of beauty. i have to; top and bottom cut off in the scanner though. [nothing's perfect. neither is the world outside my window.... my heart going out to all this hardship befalling us, inhabitants of earth. when, oh when, will our world finally be powered by harmless skystreaming windmills only, so we can shake all these harmful power plays? i wonder.]

♥ update ♥

all of you, below here, are posting.
let's see which word(s) we'll come up with,
when we put our senses, er, letters together?

don't see your name?
let me know, like right now!
i will add you.


  1. beautiful! i love the idea of drawing on the pages of a book and the beautiful colours!
    i was at work last night and forgot my colours at home so my contribution this week is made with a ballpoint pen. oh well... :)

  2. love it!
    all that w's

    the colours, the rhythm, the 'why?'

    beautiful post woolfenbell!

  3. Dear Nadine,
    I love your 'W' with heart on top! wonderful.
    x Ariane.

    P.S. I've posted my letters of the alphabet, too.

  4. I think the idea of drawing your own (NEW!) banner Nadine. And I hear you on sustainable energy - when?

  5. I love it! You should definitely draw your own banner!

  6. Nadine I think I'm going to be a huge disapointment to you....

  7. loving your W in cool metallic tones, interesting layering going on too!
    thanks for hosting, I enjoyed this theme! looking forward to blossom as well!

  8. This looks like fun...do you mind if I join in? I love altered books and your simonetta looks fascinating. It is nice to be back online. Cheers Nick

  9. Beautiful. I wish I had made a 'w' like yours. At least the thoughts in my head reminded of yours. Those of our common future.

    Thank you for hosting! I'm sorry I was late but I've made my letter, finally.

  10. This is simply magical. Cant' wait to see the full banner : )

  11. oh my@! i LOVE it! like a grand opening letter to a classic fairy tale.
    i am on a borrowed laptop - the last dump of spring snow took out our power and created surges that fried our internet routers! i hope to have it fixed by monday. just one thing after another it seems these days.

  12. hi, Your W is great!
    and I´m in on letter as well.
    I have a story about an A.
    See You there.


  13. Hello Wolfy Nadine. I am just getting around to all the letters today! So far we have had W, J, G, 2 A's, some S's, an O, my B. Although I am realizing that I didn't draw the actual letter.... hmmm.... really enjoyed this theme.. see you in the blossoms x